Monday, June 16, 2014

Dr. Batra's Foot Care Cream Review

Earlier in the day, I had blogged about my new night time skin care routine with Dr. Batra's skin care products. I am using the Dr. Batra's Foot Care Cream on my feet every night nowadays and today I am going to review it.

About Dr. Batra's Foot Care Cream:

  • Relaxes tired feet, rejuvenates and gives a refreshing feeling
  • Promotes healing of cracks and fissures on the soles 
  • Enriched with olive oil emulsifier to moisturize and pamper your feet 
  • Removes odour from feet – leaves you with soft, smooth pampered feet

Price: Rs. 275 for 100g

Packaging: Dr. Batra's Foot Care Cream comes in a white tube with an easy to use flip-cap.

Product: It is a white coloured cream with an aqua base that makes it not very sticky or thick.

My Experience: To be honest I have never used a separate foot cream before and this is the first time I am using one.The primary thing that I love about Dr. Batra's Foot Care Cream is its aqua base. Aqua based products are great for all skin types as they quench skin's required hydration without being greasy. The second  trait that attracts me is the lovely floral fragrance that stays for a long time and lingers around you. 

The cream gets absorbed very easily into the skin and instantly soothes dry or cracked heels. After using it for 5 continuous nights I can say that it eventually softens and treats the dry areas on the foot. Enriched with the goodness of Kokum Butter it has the capacity to soften fissures on the soles. I am sure it is going to be a great treat for my feet during the monsoons. It can relax tired feet easily. I would suggest a warm foot soak before applying the Dr. Batra's Foot Care Cream. A gentle and relaxing massage on a tired day can for sure remind you of a foot spa.

1. Aqua Base
2. Not too thick
3. Soothes skin immediately
4. Has Kokum Butter
5. Nice fragrance
6. Relaxes tired feet
7. Heals cracked heels and soles
8. Eventually softens skin

1. May not be sufficient for extremely dry and affected heels

Rating: 4.8/5

Dr. Batra's Foot Care Cream is an excellent aqua based foot care product that can be your best friend during the monsoons to relax your tired soles and give you soft and rejuvenated heels. I strongly recommend this product.

Available here

*PR Sample

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