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Dr. Batra's Natural Cleansing Milk Review

A few days back I have written about my night time skincareroutine. One of the major steps of skincare before going to bed is cleansing off all impurities and makeup from skin. For this I am using the Dr Batra's Natural Cleansing Milk.

About Dr. Batra's Natural Cleansing Milk 

Deep-pore cleansing milk enriched with nature's wonder herbs - Echinacea and Chamomile
  • This natural cleansing milk gently cleanses the skin leaving it clear and refreshed
  • Chamomile extracts improve the texture and elasticity of the skin
  • Soapnut, with its natural cleansing properties, gently removes make-up, dirt and grime from the skin
  • Echinacea, with its natural antiseptic properties, helps in keeping skin healthy

Price: Rs. 100 for 100 ml

Packaging: Dr. Batra's Natural Cleansing Milk comes in an off white bottle with gold cap.

Product: It is a white coloured liquid with a very lovely floral fragrance whicpelmost like an exotic perfume.

My Experience: Dr. Batra's Natural Cleansing Milk is a very runny liquid that oozes out a bit more than you require actually from the flip cap packaging. I love the fragrance and how it stays for a very long time. It is very gentle to the skin and when applied with a cotton it can remove impurities from the face. I have oily-combination skin and I like the soft feel it gives after rinsing it off. Although I need a proper face wash to clean my face afterwards. 

The main ingredients of Dr. Batra's Natural Cleansing Milk are chamomile & Echinacea, which has antiseptic properties so that makes it suitable for sensitive skin too. It can be a decent makeup cleanser, but it is not very effective on waterproof makeup. So, if you are someone who love your eye makeup to be heavy, you may require a separate eye makeup remover. I love how easy it is to carry the product in your purse.

1. Very gentle to the skin
2. Decent cleanser
3. Exotic fragrance
4. Travel friendly
5. Has antiseptic properties
6. Suitable for sensitive skin

1. A lot of product oozes out of the mouth of the Flip cap
2. Not very effective as an eye makeup remover

Rating: 4.3/5

Dr. Batra's Natural Cleansing Milk is a very gentle and soothing cleanser which is quite suitable for using on a daily basis even by beauties with sensitive skin, but you need a separate eye makeup remover for your waterproof makeup.

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