Monday, June 23, 2014

Dr. Batra's Skin Toner Review

Hey my beauties, you must be knowing I am using Dr. Batra's skin care products for my night time routine. Today I will be reviewing the Dr. Batra's Skin Toner which I use after cleaning my face thoroughly with Dr. Batra's Natural Cleansing Milk & Dr. Batra's Face Wash

About Dr. Batra's Skin Toner:
  • A unique non-alcoholic preparation to purify and rejuvenate your skin
  • Specially enriched with Green tea for its beneficial antioxidant properties
  • Witch Hazel extracts in this toner form the perfect natural and gentle astringent
  • Echinacea tones your skin and maintains elasticity while balancing the skin pH

Price: Rs. 100 for 100 ml

Packaging: Dr. Batra's Skin Toner is available in a transparent plastic bottle and is quite similar to the Cleansing Milk packaging with a golden Flip Cap. The only difference is the inside plastic push cover to prevent leakage.

Product: It is a very soft toner which feels almost like water on skin

My Experience: Dr. Batra's Skin Toner is very soft toner that does not feel at all greasy on the skin. It actually can remove any leftover dirt from the face quite effectively. The best thing that I have been noticing after using the toner is my skin feels very soft and I am not talking about the regular softness you get from other cosmetic products. It gives you a suppleness of a baby's skin, and a definite improvement in the elasticity of the skin. It does not dry the skin but I think beauties with dry skin may require a moisturizer after the use.

 I love the rose water smell which is soothing & refreshing. I am sure during tired days it can instantly freshen up your face with just a single swab of cotton. The lightweight makes it quite easy to carry around in your purse. The blended goodness of ethinacea, green tea and hazelnut makes Dr. Batra's Skin Toner a highly performing product that you may like to have.

1. Makes skin soft
2. Improves elasticity
3. Natural ingredients
4. Goodness of ethinacea, green tea & hazelnut
5. Smells of rosewater
6. Refreshing feel

1. Packaging can be improved

Rating: 4.75/5

Dr. Batra's Skin Toner is a great toner in an affordable price and you may use it for a soft and smooth skin that feels like a baby's bottom.

Available here

*PR Sample

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