Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dr.Batra's Intense Moisturizing Cream Review

My night time skin care routine mostly contains products from Dr. Batra's. I initially started the Dr.Batra's Intense Moisturizing Cream as my night time moisturizer, but had to discontinue and use it as my body moisturizer. Read to know why.

About Dr.Batra's Intense Moisturizing Cream:

  • Excellent moisture balance
  • Smooth feel to the skin
  • Soothing and youthful look to the skin
  • Protection against environmental pollutants

Ethinacea extract has natural antibacerial properties and prevents allergic reaction. Ethinacea slows down the degeneration of skin cells keeping skin strong and youthful Vitamin E has strong antioxidant property. 

Price: Rs. 350 for 100g

Packaging: Dr.Batra's Intense Moisturizing Cream comes in a white outer cardboard packaging. The jar is again white in colour with a twist cap. Inside the cream is protected by a silver foil.

Product: The cream is pure white and thick with the consistency of your favourite classic creams you love to use during winters. The fragrance is nice and not overpowering.

My Experience: Dr.Batra's Intense Moisturizing Cream claims to improve the moisture balance of the skin. The consistency of the cream does not appear to be that thick when you touch, perhaps because of its aqua base. However, once you apply it on the face it gives very superior hydration to the skin. If you have dry and dehydrated skin, your skin will be drenched with the goodness of Vitamin E & Ethinacea. My experience was completely different. I used the product for 2 nights and as my skin is oily/combination, it was too greasy for my skin. And my skin became sweaty.

My mother tried the cream during nights and she just loved it. She said it was like a smooth silky veil and made her skin very soft. Her mature skin is always in need of adequate moisture and Dr.Batra's Intense Moisturizing Cream is the perfect solution for her. This is a cream that has a consistency of the popular classic creams and can be your best friend during dry and harsh winters. You can use it on areas where you need maximum hydration like elbows, feet, arms and legs. Since my mom has left now, I plan to use it as a body moisturizer as my body skin is pretty dry compared to my face.

1. Aqua base
2. Provides intense hydration
3. Makes dry skin soft and smooth
4. Suitable for mature skin
5. Has antioxidant properties
6. Vitamin E is a strong ingredient 
7. Nice fragrance
8. Can be used as body moisturizer

1. Does not suit oily skin
2. Can give you sweaty face

Rating: 4/5 (for dry or mature skin only)

Dr.Batra's Intense Moisturizing Cream is a truly intense hydrating potion, perfect for dry or mature skin. You can make it your companion during harsh and dry climatic conditions, whenever you need to quench your skin's thirst with superior nourishment. However, if you have oily skin, you may stay away from it.

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