Friday, June 20, 2014

Kosmik Professional Blusher R-21 Review

Hey beauties, remember my makeup haul from Professional Beauty India? One of the products that I have been very curious to try from the haul is the Kosmik Professional Blusher R-21. 

Kosmik Professional Blusher has a variety of shades but being the pink lover and as my friend Natasha's suggestion I opted for the shade R-21. 

About Kosmik Professional Blusher R-21 

Kosmik Powder Blusher gives you soft, smooth and silken finish on your face. It is very emollient and gives feather touch colour effect on your face.

Price: Rs.250 for 21g

Packaging: The packaging of Kosmik Professional Blusher R-21 is a nice navy blue & gold cardboard package. The blusher comes in a round pot with black base and a transparent twist open cover.

Product: The product is a lovely bright pink. 

My Experience: Kosmik Professional Blusher R-21 is a very cute pink blush that has a very soft and velvety feel to it. The lovely shade provides a soft look to the cheeks. Although it appears to be very pigmented on the hand, it can be blended to give you a very subtle glow, just the type you look for a day time look.

 One of the things to notice is that it has a shelf life of 6 years from the date of manufacture, which is quite uncommon in makeup products. The subtle glow that it gives makes it a great choice for your everyday looks. However, if you are looking for a very bright or pigmented shade you may like this colour at all. I dont like the twist cover as it takes some effort to close it.

1. Lovely pink
2. Very soft
3. Blends easily
4. silky texture
5. 6 years of shelf life
6. Gives a subtle glow

1. Packaging can be improved
2. May not be appropriate for gorgeous look
3. No ingredients listed

Rating: 4/5

Kosmik Professional Blusher R-21 is a pretty pink shade that gives you a subtle glow but if you are looking for for some bright shades this may not suit you. I recommend it for regular daytime looks.

For more information on the product you can check here

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