Monday, June 16, 2014

My Night Time Skincare Routine with Dr. Batra's

Last month I had shared with you my skin care regime. I have updated and included a few products in the regime as the season is changing and also I have a few products to test too from Dr. Batra's.

The daytime regime remains the same as last time. It is only that I have included some skin care items from Dr. Batra's for my Night Time skin care regimen.

My Night Time Skin Care Routine:

1. Makeup Removal with
Dr. Batra's Natural Cleansing Milk: I am almost out of my old makeup remover and needed a new one when this one arrived just at the right time. Dr. Batra's Natural Cleansing Milk is enriched with Ethinacea & Chamomile and is gentle to the skin. I will be reviewing the product within a couple of days.

2. Cleansing with
Dr. Batra's Face Wash: Some of you must be wondering if I am using a cleansing milk, why do I need a separate face wash. The answer is I am used to it and unless something foamy and lathering touches my face I do not feel cleansed enough. I have a different facial wash for day time and this one I am using for night. Dr. Batra's Face Wash is enriched with Tea Tree Oil and is suitable for all skin types. I will review it in due time.

3. Toning with
Dr. Batra's Skin Toner: Again, I have a different toner for the day time and this one I decided to use for my night skin care regime. Dr. Batra's Skin Toner is enriched with Ethinacea and Green Tea and which help to rejuvenate skin. Again a review will be up on the blog within a week's time.

4. Moisturizing with
Dr. Batra's Intense Moisturizing Cream: I have oily/combination skin so I use a different moisturizer in the day time. However, this is meant for intense moisturizing and I thought it would be perfect as a night time moisturizer. Dr. Batra's Intense Moisturizing Cream is enriched with Natural Ethinacea and Vitamin E and acts as a protection against environmental pollutants. You can expect a review anytime in a few days.

5. Foot Care with
Dr. Batra's Foot Care Cream: Honestly, I have never used any specific cream for foot care. This is the first one that I am using and I think it is great for the monsoon season. Dr. Batra's Foot Care Cream is enriched with Kokum Butter and relaxes tired feet while healing cracks. Review will be up by end of the day.

So this is my updated skincare routine by Dr. Batra's skincare products.

For more on Dr. Batra's visit their website:

Do you use any of these? How do you like? Let me know. Stay tuned for my review on each of the products.


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