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Nyc Cutie Heart Eye and Cheek Colour (Eye Shadow And Blush On Kit) Review

By Airene Guha

Well, this is my third review and i will be reviewing the NYC CUTIE HEART EYE AND CHEEK COLOUR (EYE SHADOW and BLUSH ON KIT). 

This is a lovely, beautiful and cute mini eyes and cheek palette that comes in an affordable price and an attractive packaging. The palette consists of four irresistible eye shades in the top and two cute cheek colors with a mini applicator brush in the next part. The whole thing is very simple but cute and pretty. So here I present my review about this beautiful kit.

NYC CUTIE HEART EYE AND CHEEK COLOUR (EYE SHADOW and BLUSH ON KIT) is a make-up kit that comes with light glittery shades that makes you look good not overdone. It blends well and the blushers give a natural effect on the cheeks.

Price: Rs 350.

Packaging: It comes in a mini black palette with a transparent lid cover. There is the product's name and some designs on the lid that makes it look so cute. The eye palette can be visible from outside. On the lower deck stays the two blushers and an applicator brush. There is also a mini mirror that covers the blushes. The packaging is simple yet cute.


The eye palette consists of four light glittery shades. The shades are:

  1. A Light turquoise: This is a cute color and gives a cool look. I've used this color as a border on top of my eye leaves.
  2. A Pearly White: This white eye shadow is lovely. It gives an angelic and divine look. I've used this shade on my eyelids.
  3. A Pampering Purple: This shade helps to look like a diva. It also gives that daddy's pampered princess look. Though I have not used it but can tell you its very pretty.
  4. A Vermillion red: This shade will take you to your dream film festival and will make you feel walking the red carpet with other celebs (obviously not in reality but will give you this feeling. ;)). I've used traces of it so it is not that visible.

The eye-palette on a whole is a lovely, simple, pretty piece of makeup. It stayed on for about 5 hours or more. It does not spread much and blends well. But it is very less pigmented and will give the required brightness after 3-4 swatches. You can see it in the picture. They are very glittery which I love.


The cheek color palette consists of two cute shades that give a very natural blush. The shades are:
1.      A Cute Pink: This is a lovely pink shade that will go with your casual or any outfit. It makes you look cute.
2.      A Vermillion Red: This is perfect for parties and any occasions. I've used this to give me that natural blush and trust me it looked like natural blush.

The blushers are a 5 on 5 and have no complains. It gives such natural looking blush and also does not spread. It blends very well. It also stays on for 4-5 hours. But again during taking the swatches pictures I had to apply 3-4 strokes to get that color but it did not turn out to be a complain when applying on cheeks.

The Applicator Brush: It is a small and soft brush that helps blending the colours well.

My Experience: NYC CUTIE HEART EYE AND CHEEK COLOUR (EYE SHADOW and BLUSH ON KIT) is exactly the palette I was looking for since the colours are so light and I always fall for light colours. The whole palette is simple yet pretty. It gives a glamorous effect on the eyes and cheeks. It blends well and does not spread. It stays on pretty long for about 4-5 hours. It gives a shiny, glamorous and cute look. A must have for young ladies. The only weak point is that it is less pigmented. Even after sweating the make up stays on and does not fade. On a whole it is a lovely palette.

1.      It is affordable.
2.      Stays on pretty long.
3.      Nice and cute colours
4.      Blends well.
5.      Even after sweating it does not fade.
6.      Pretty glittery shades.
7.      Attractive packaging.
8.      Natural blushes
9.      Soft applicator brush.
10.  Beautiful kit.

1.      Less Pigmented.
2.      Needs 3-4 swatches to give that immense colour.

Rating: 4.5/5

NYC CUTIE HEART EYE AND CHEEK COLOUR (EYE SHADOW and BLUSH ON KIT) on a whole is a lovely kit with sweet colours and a lovely texture. It enhances the look .I would recommend it for girls who have a craze for light colours. It can go with any outfit anytime. Just love it.

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