Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Some Lip Pampering with Forest Essentials Lip Products

Once I moved back to India from Bangalore I was in search of a good Lip scrub. Although I have a lot of Lip balms, a lip scrub was something I desperately needed. So this time I got a Lip Scrub and a Lip balm from Forest Essentials. 

I purchased the Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub & Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm Sugared Rose Petal . I use these products once a week for some lip pampering.

About Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Luxurious Lip Scrub :

Forest Essentials lip scrub is used to gently exfoliate dry dead skin on your lips and prepare them for a nourishing butter lip balm. The scrub contains very fine cane sugar, olive oil, Kokum butter, organic beeswax and fresh fruit and flower juices to buff and smooth the lips.

It contains natural essential oil with no preservatives or synthetic colors.

Price: Rs. 475 for 8g

Packaging: It comes in a recycled paper packaging and the actual jar is a very small but cute and has a golden cover.

Product: The Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Luxurious Lip Scrub is a yellow coloured exfoliating agent that has very fine granules and smells quite fresh.

My Experience: I am not a fan of the fragrance of Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Luxurious Lip Scrub and feel that it is too overpowering. I love the cute packaging and above all the texture which is super fine. The granules are very gentle and not at all coarse on the lips. It gently sloughs off the dry and dead skin from the lips. 

I was quite surprised to see that unlike other lip scrubs I did not have to try too hard to get the softness. It gives instant smoothness and makes your lips prepared for the balm or gloss application. Sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil and kokum seed butter makes it quite hydrating for the lips and actually even after wiping off the product, the lips remain quite moisturized. The sugar cane exfoliates the dry skin revealing the new tender skin. 

1. Natural extracts of organic beeswax, fruit & flower juices
2. Free of chemicals
3. Cute packaging
4. Hydrating
5. Sloughs off dead skin easily
6. Makes lips soft & smooth

1. Overpowering fragrance
2. Quite expensive

Rating: 4.2/5

About Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm Sugared Rose Petal

Moisturising Lip Balms made with Kokum butter which contains an abundance of healing ingredients including vitamins, minerals, proteins and a unique fatty acid profile. These fatty acids are indispensable for their emollient properties. Organic Beeswax deeply nourishes and restores elasticity to the skin Almond oil from sweet almonds is the most nutritious. Rose has cooling, soothing and moisturizing properties. It is naturally hydrating. These lip balms seal in moisture, soothe dry lips, and leave them soft smooth and glossy.

Price: Rs. 595 for 5g

Packaging: The top cover is again with handmade paper-a typical Forest Essentials trait. The main packaging is a royal gold compact packaging with a cute mirror. 

Product: Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm Sugared Rose Petal is a pink coloured lip balm that has a very nice rosy fragrance.

My Experience: Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm Sugared Rose Petal is a beautifully packaged product that is easy to use because of the flat compact packaging. The fragrance reminds you of fresh roses and the colour is very pretty.

 It is very soft and light which almost melts like a butter and I like the fact that it does not make the lips too shiny. However, I feel it will not be very effective on heavily dry lips. It makes the lips very soft and smooth. The softness stays for a long time on my lips. But I still feel that for dry seasons this will not be enough to hydrate and heal the lips.

1. Soft
2. No synthetic chemicals 
3. Light texture
4. Hydrates lips
5. Easy to use
6. Pretty packaging
7. Nice fragrance

1. Cannot heal too dry or cracked lips
2. Expensive

Rating: 4/5

Overall the Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Luxurious Lip Scrub & Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm Sugared Rose Petal are a perfect combination to get a nicely pampered and nourished lips. They compliment each other just in the right way and you can get luscious lips in a few minutes with the use.

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