Monday, June 30, 2014


By Airene Guha

Taking extra good care of the skin is a must for all, especially those who spend a lot of time out in the sun. The skin has to be protected from all kinds of sun damage like tanning, rashes, sun burns etc. Over exposure to sun rays can also lead to serious diseases like skin cancer. Therefore, layering your skin with a sun block or a sunscreen or any other such dermatological product is very important. The Vedic Line brand is one of the leading brands in skin products and offers solutions to most of your skin problems.

As the name suggests, the Vedic Line SunnyWhite Fairness Cream is a special beauty blend that assures a healthy white creamy complexion. This special beauty product from Vedic Line+ brand is dedicated to enhancing body fairness by removing body tan. It is dermatologically tested and paraben free thereby ensuring good and genuine quality fairness cream. I've used the VEDIC LINE SUNNYWHITE WHITENING CREAM (sample size). So, today I'm going to review it.

Benefits: Absorbs or reflects sun's ultraviolet radiations on exposed skin Protects against sunburn Protects from skin cancer Lightens skin tone by removing tan Dissolves accumulated melanin

Features: Gentle on skin, has a soft texture

200/- for 50 ml

Packaging: VEDIC LINE SUNNYWHITE WHITENING CREAM comes in a white tube with a yellow cap with the company's and product's name on the front and details on the back.

Product: It is a white-coloured cream with a pleasant fragrance.

My experience: Well, I'm not a crazy lover for fairness creams and don't like using them because I really don't believe that a cream can make a person fair like fairies. But VEDIC LINE SUNNYWHITE WHITENING CREAM really marked my expectations. I did not get fairer but my skin really glows and feels fresh and moisturised after applying this cream.

 It has a pleasant smell. It does not make the face look pale but immediately glows and moisturises after applying it. It does not cover your skin but blends really well. I've used the cream for 4-5 times and really loved the glowing effect that gives on the skin. The staying power is also pretty long and decent .The only weak point is it is a little expensive for its size compared to other whitening creams in the market. But, it is a great range from Vedic Line.


1. Pleasant smell.

2. Decent staying power.

3. Blends really well.

4. Moisturises immediately.

5. Gives a glowing effect.


1. Expensive for its size.

Rating: 4.5/5

It's hard to believe that I believe in a fairness cream. But, what to do? VEDIC LINE SUNNYWHITE WHITENING CREAM really marked up to my expectations and left me speechless. It gives a brilliant effect on the skin and stays pretty long. I'm going to use it daily twice. It's a must-have everyone. A great product from Vedic Line. Loved it.

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