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DermatConnect-Get your skin care queries answered by experts

Are you girls just like me? Have a lot of questions regarding beauty but don't know where to go for a solution? Well, your wait is over now as Beauty & Beyond brings something exclusively  for you in association with MyDermacy 

My readers who follow me know very well, how particular I am about my skincare. You guys keep on asking me a lot of questions regarding skin and hair. I try to answer them as per my knowledge and little experience gathered throughout the years. However, how fabulous it will be if you get all your skin & hair related queries directly from the experts!! 

Here comes MyDermacy, a website dedicated to provide personalized medical advice on skin and hair care concerns to a similar profile of audience. Their panel of expert dermatologists meticulously feed medically sound advice to an increasing number of people inquiring about issues that prevent them from maintaining healthy hair and skin. We are often swayed by glossy advertisements and spend a lot on purchasing the most popular products available in the market to "treat" our skin. These are just impulse buys and we hardly know if we require them at all or not. But the expert & honest advice from the dermatologist can make you follow the suitable ways to actually treat your skin for making it perfect.

Being a beauty blogger, I have to use a lot of products on my skin and hair so I had few queries that I asked MyDermacy panel of experts. I was very surprised to get detailed and prompt answers to the questions:

1. Do fairness creams work?

Skin lightening creams contain certain chemicals which decrease the melanin ( pigment responsible for giving colour to the skin) concentration either by decreasing its synthesis ( eg: hydroquinone, kojic acid , arbutin etc.) or by increasing the cell turn over rate of the skin, thereby increasing the shedding of hyperpigmented cells ( skin keeps shedding its topmost layer as the new skin keeps forming underneath). So fairness creams do improve the skin tone by a shade or so but more important questions are whether the results achieved are sustainable and are these creams safe on long term use.

Avoid all formulations containing hydroquinone and mercury since these do more harm than good to your skin on long term use. Others containing natural skin lighteners like kojic acid, arbutin , licorice etc. are still safe for they are plant extracts.

2. Can spots & blemishes be treated permanently?

Yes certainly, one can get rid of dark spots/blemishes/post inflammatory pigmentation permanently.
Topical medications:
1. Creams containing natural plants extract like arbutin, kojic acid, mulberry extract etc. meant to reduce pigmentation (kojivit, kojic cream etc.)
2. Put sunscreen with SPF 30 every three hours during the day. Take other sun-protective measures too.
1. Use a cream containing kligmans formula ( 4% hydroquinone, 0.1% tretinoin, 0.1% dexamethasone). Take care that it has to be used only and only at night, a peanut size is enough for entire face, don’t apply around eyes, strictly stop after 8 weeks and consult a dermatologist regarding further use or in case of any redness / irritation appears.

Procedural therapy:
1. Few sessions of chemical peels done fortnightly with either glycolic acid /salicylic acid /TCA or tretinoin will give you early and more effective relief from the pigmentation. Peels helps in shedding of the pigmented layers of the skin relieving the new skin beneath. Yes, it’s safe if done under experienced hands using all precautions.
2. Resort to laser sessions with Nd:Yag Q Switched Laser to get rid of PIH only if above modalities fail.

Oral medicines:

1. Take diet rich in vitamin C like Indian gooseberies, oranges etc. Take vit. C supplements like Tab. Limcee every day for two months.
3. What is the easiest way to tackle blackheads?

Get them removed by a comedone exctractor  at any good aesthetic clinic. A single session of fifteen is all that it takes to get rid of blackheads. To prevent recurrence use salicylic acid based face wash (Speelac face wash) twice a day. Use Tretinoin cream at night over the nose (apply only pea nut size cream, not more than that). You can also opt for few sessions of salicylic acid based peels done fortnightly done at an aesthetic clinic. Walnuts scrubs used at home at weekly interval would help too to prevent recurrence.

4. Can changing the shampoo cause hair fall?

No changing the shampoo per se won’t lead to hair fall but in case, the new shampoo doesn’t suit your hair type or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients, then it might lead to hair fall.

Say For eg: you dry hair and you switch to a shampoo which leaves your hair even drier ( eg: antidandruff shampoos), there is a possibility of ending up with excessive hair fall. One needs mild anti-dry shampoo for dry hair.

So choose shampoo according to your hair type and changing to another good quality shampoo per se won’t cause hair fall.
The Campaign:

So, here is what MyDermacy and Beauty & Beyond have come up with. We will be running a week long session where each one of you can participate and come up with any questions and doubts regarding skin care. And the experts will provide the perfect answers and guide you accordingly. All you have to do is ask your questions in the Comments section below, or on the Facebook post, or on the Twitter post. And your queries will be resolved ASAP by the dermatologist of MyDermacy. 

Simple Rules to Follow:

1. Make sure you  follow Mydermacy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

2. Follow Beauty & Beyond on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

3. Post your queries in the comments below. You can post as many questions as you like.

4..You can post your queries on Facebook or tweet me your questions with #DermatConnect ! I will pass them on to the doctors.

5. Ask specific questions and include any enough details to prescribe personalized solutions.

6. If the question is too personal, feel free to message me on Facebook or email me at with Subject DermatConnect, and I will reply back with the answer maintaining your anonymity!

7.The doctors will be available till the 12th of July, so make sure you let all your friends know!

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