Sunday, July 6, 2014

Get a Dazzling White Smile Instantly with New Closeup Diamond Attraction

Mumbai, June 2014: Several minutes in front of the mirror to hide that blemish, settle that messed-up fringe,decide on the right earrings and yet something seems amiss! But add to this a dazzling, confident
smile and all seems to be right with this world. Oral care brand Closeup understands this well and their brand new offering will make you want to smile again and again!

Over the years, Closeup has established itself as a brand that brings people together by giving them the confidence of fresh breath. With new Closeup Diamond Attraction, the brand now enters a territory that few other toothpaste brands have ventured into, that of instant beauty.

Co-created with cosmetic dentists, Closeup Diamond Attraction is a revolutionary toothpaste that makes use of patented blue light technology which works instantly to make teeth whiter, and over time it continues to work to give you a whiter, brighter and more radiant smile.

Closeup Diamond Attraction is all you need to get an instantly white smile, anywhere and anytime. 

Commenting on the launch Atul Sinha, Category Head, Oral Care HUL said, “We believe Closeup Diamond Attraction will be a game changer in the category as it transcends from oral care into the beauty space, and leverages on the growing trend of involvement in the beauty segment. Co-created with cosmetic dentists, new Closeup Diamond Attraction is proven to give visibly white teeth from the first brush itself. It is a must-have for new age beauty kits.” 

In the era of instant gratification, instant messaging, superfast uploads and on-the-go beauty products, now get the perfect smile instantly with Closeup Diamond Attraction. Whether you need to make a lasting impression at a party, at work or anywhere for that matter, Closeup Diamond Attraction adds to your beauty quotient. It gives you a dazzling smile which compliments your entire look whatever your style may be. So now don’t just smile…dazzle away!

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