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Introducing POSE Organics-Your Skincare Solution from the Hand of Pure Nature:

Let yourself be carried away into the cradle of nature

Have you ever wondered that you are always fighting for your existence and stand in this busy and cruel world? We forget to look inside us and breathe in the purity of Mother Nature, to concentrate more on our outside selves. But, how blissful it would have been to sleep in peace into the cradle of Nature and to reinvent yourself!! How about getting a feel of communing with the beauty of this world that still exists? How about breaking all barriers between you and the beauty of nature to rediscover yourself?

Introducing POSE Organics- This is Your Time
POSE Organics is a modern organic line of cosmetics designed for facial skin care for woman aware of their values and the world around them.

 USP of POSE Organics:
Producer with over 15 years of experience in the market of organic cosmetics
Production of cosmetics in an FDA (Us Food and Drug Administration) and USDA (US Department of Agriculture) Organic certified facility. Very high purity of products.
Parabens, petroleum-derived ingredients, formaldehydes, TEA, DEA, glycols, fragrances, also in the form of essential oils and other potentially irritating or harmful ingredients were not used.
Very high organic content varying between 78% and 84% depending on the product. Organic ingredients certified by OTCO according the USDA standards. Natural content keeps the level around 99% of the whole product.

Special Features of POSE Organics:
Products recommended especially for sensitive skin prone to irritation or allergies.
Increasing environmental pollution often causes allergic reactions of the organism in relation to the chemical components
Gentle, innovative, thoroughly thought out and tested formulas
Recommended by plastic surgeons to use after the plastic surgeries.
The product line designed for people of different ages and for many applications
Chemical cosmetics cannot be used in these periods because of increased uptake and binding of chemical compounds by the skin.
The use of modern cosmetic ingredients such as DMAE, MSM or vegetable hyaluronic acid
No tested on animals
Certified vegan.
Devoid of animal derived ingredients

Packaging of POSE Organics:
The use of airless packaging that prevent access of air to the content before and during use. Packaging prevents product contamination or infection during use.
Innovative & attractive packaging that draws attention

The Range of POSE Organics:

POSE Organics Wrinkle Diffuser Face Cream
This revolutionary, based on aloe vera juice product combines DMAE, MSM and hyaluronic acid with organic extracts and oils. DMAE reduces wrinkles by preventing cell deterioration and a shoring up cell membranes. MSM supplies sulphur to your skin which allows it to heal itself. MSM feeds the formation of collagen and elastin while preventing and reducing cross-linking between cells which is the primary cause of wrinkles and scar tissue. The smart ingredients of this cream adjust the moisturizing effects depending on your skin's needs.  Contains a waxy substance that mimics collagen. Moisturizes and brings to your skin oils that resembles human sebum disappearing with maturing. Reduces inflammation and helps in sunburns. Wonderfully emollient with cooling properties. Revitalizes skin. Assists in the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. Brings excellent toning and binding effects on loose, sagging skin, while at the same time increases blood flow with its rubefacient action, which in turn promotes proper skin function.

POSE Organics Rejuvenating Face Cream
Unique lightweight cream that brings your skin back to life. Suitable for sensitive skin. Combination of organic extracts, oils and butters together with hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxyl acids and multi-fruits acids leaving your skin look noticeably younger, soft, smooth and fresh. This cream is packed with regenerating, nutritious, moisturizing, protective and antibacterial elements. The smart ingredients of this cream adjust the moisturizing effects depending on your skin's needs. Mild acids serve to remove the outer layer of dull skin and leave you with a rejuvenated complexion. Use of this cream delays the effects of skin ageing. Long term uses increase collagen and elastin synthesis and boosts protein regeneration in the skin which visibly improves the shape of the face and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

POSE Organics Texturizing Face Cream
This fabulous texturizing cream was designed to bring high cconcentration of Vit C esters to the skin. Vit C esters, vit E and organic extracts are a synergetic blend that helps barrier against assault your skin encounters with from free radicals on a daily basis. Vit C is required for synthesis of collagen and elastin so bringing continuous doses of that substance to your skin combined with proantycyanides from the grapeseed oil leads to intensive retexturization. Smart ingredients of this cream like hyaluronic acid adjust the moisturizing effects depending on your skin's needs. Green clay, rich in “youth” minerals, draws oil and toxins from your skin. It gently stimulates and is effective in increasing the lymph circulation enabling an intake of oxygen and speeding the elimination of wastes. Lemon extract acts as a very mild lightener brightening dull skin-color and calms redness as well as the irritation of an inflamed skin. Rosehip oil boosts regeneration of the skin and makes it more elastic. Gamma Linoleic Acids present in this cream reduces the signs of aging – especially lines around the mouth as well as combats the drying effect of the sun and environment. 

POSE Organics SPA Herbal Face Cream
Synergetic, rich in organic herbal active substances cream that soothes, balances and relaxes your skin taking it for the SPA session. It removes skin problems like irritation, rashes and other skin complaints and helps fight the hypersensitivity, inflammation and allergic conditions. Improves granulation and tissue regeneration. Reduces puffiness and cleanses pores of impurities. This cream tightens and tones, nourishes and protects your skin. Flavonoids and lipophilic compounds help to reduce the capillary fragility which strengthens the skin and reduces redness. The smart ingredients of this cream like hyaluronic acid adjust the moisturizing effects depending on your skin's needs. Emollients of this cream make your skin softer and smoother. Green tea extract has an inhibitory effect on collagenase which keeps the skin firm and elastic. It also has tremendous antioxidant, photo protective and cell-protective properties. Blue green algae stimulates collagen synthesis and protects the skin from degradation of the dermis. Hemp oil recompenses for lower ceramide levels and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

POSE Organics Undereye Cream
Luxurious, very delicate cream designed especially to treat the vulnerable skin around the eyes. Set of carefully selected ingredients of natural origin nourishes, protects, moisturizes and caresses your skin. Reduces fine lines around the eyes, increases cell renewal, calms irritated skin and reduces water trans-dermal loss. Provides the skin suppleness and stimulates the rejuvenation of the skin. Smart ingredients of this cream like hyaluronic acid adjust the moisturizing effects depending on your skin's needs. Reduces puffiness and improves blood circulation which enlightens the shades around the eyes. Helps to tighten and tone the skin. Rich in fatty acids (GLA) which are very important for the skin cell's membranes. Contains various antioxidants helpful for diminishing sun’s and free radicals damaging effects. Restores the natural PH balance of the skin.

POSE Organics Protective Face Cream
Protective and moisturizing cream combines organic extracts and oils with hyaluronic acid, PABA and mineral sunscreens. Designed for everyday use protects the skin from harmful UV rays, mmoisturizes, tightens, tones the skin and provides it with a lovely, shiny glowing look. Grapeseed oil fights the ravages of aging caused by oxidative stress. Witch Hazel helps to stabilize the barrier function of the skin, reduces skin redness and has anti-oxidant properties as well. It is also an excellent natural astringent which reduces inflammation, sanitizes the skin and at the same time helps with hydration. Shea butter is an extremely therapeutic emollient penetrating the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Black Willow Bark stimulates the skin and cell growth and together with Rosemary reduce puffiness and swelling resulting in firmer skin and better skin tone.  PABA is the part of vitamin B complex and is required for the formation of folic acid and acts as a perfect UV sunscreen. Smart ingredients of this cream adjust the moisturizing effects depending on your skin's needs. Ingredients synergistically combined provide the skin with healthy looking and cleared complexion. 

Availability of POSE Organics Products:

Soon to be available in in clinics Spa, aesthetic medicine, pharmacy and elegant shops. For now, we accept orders on email. Shipping is carried from the site of UAE, also to other countries.

Currently POSE Cosmetics is available through their Facebook Page:

You can also email them for order at

Shipping is carried from the site of UAE, also to other countries. For larger orders, receipt of the products may be in the office at Dubai.

For more about the company please visit their website here

Open for business cooperation with individuals, such as beauticians, make-up artists, someone related to fashion to its client group, beauty salons, spa, etc.

So, all you girls out there, who want to be reconnected with nature and rediscover yourselves, you know POSE Cosmetics is your ultimate destination.

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