Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Detoxifying Range:Your Kompanion this Monsoon

How relaxing does a warm cup of tea with a pinch of ginger sound during the monsoon? Relaxing, soothing, detoxifying. When I received the Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Detoxifying Range, these were the exact thoughts in my mind.

About Kronokare:

Kronokare is a SLS & Paraben-free range of bath & hair care products which is aromatherapy inspired and made from pure natural extracts. Their cruelty-free range of products aim for a greener and better earth.

About Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Detoxifying Range: 

The Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Detoxifying Range is made up of natural extracts of ginger and lemon. Ginger helps to purify and detox.

Price of individual Products: Rs.325 for 220ml
          Rs. 105 for 60ml

The Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Detoxifying Range:

Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Detoxifying range consists of :

Kronokare Sure To Be Pure Shampoo: Made up of pure essential oil, this shampoo cleans your scalp crazy clean. It is surely not softening and specially for girls like me with dry and frizzy hair may find it quite drying. But, I did not suffer any hairfall after using it. It does not lather much and the aroma is so soothing and relaxing!! Just what you need to detoxify yourself.

Kronokare Detox The Locks Hair Conditioner: As I have very thin hair I make sure to apply conditioner just at the ends of my locks. I did the same with this one as well. As i said, the shampoo was not softening enough, this conditioner softened the end of the  locks to some extent. My hair kept on smelling heavenly the entire day after using the shampoo & conditioner. 

Kronokare Revive And Thrive Shower Gel: It really revives the skin, My skin felt quite silky soft after using the shower gel. I have dry body skin, so definitely it was in need of some hydration. The shower gel gives a cooling and soothing sensation. Definitely the kind I love.

Kronokare Fabulous Fixi Body Lotion: The lotion instantly hydrates the skin making it soft. It is not very thick or creamy, but moisturizes your skin well, leaving it supple. If you have very dry skin you have to reapply it. I love the consistency as it gets absorbed quickly.

My Overall Thoughts: KronoKare Caribbean Ginger Detoxifying Range is a product I have been looking for a long time now. The aromatherapy applied in the range surely works wonder for the user. The nice and fresh fragrance keeps you energized and fresh for a long time. It is a very good option for the monsoon traveller as you want to detoxify the impurities for a more cleaner and brighter you during this season. The simple, recyclable packaging, cute & funny names and the purity it delivers make it my ultimate choice for the monsoons. 

I would love to see more such fabulous products from Kronokare. If you are interested to try out their wide range of Aromatherapy inspired products, check here.

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