Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Body Butter Mania with The Body Shop Body Butters #SupportCrueltyFree

Those of you who regularly follow my blog know that I am very particular about my skin care. By skin care I mean even my body skin as well. However, there is a striking difference between  the skin of my face and that of my body. While my face is quite oily and requires products that are less creamy, my body is quite dry and often gets bumpy rashes so requires ample of hydration throughout the year. Throughout the year I strongly seek resolve in some very creamy and nourishing body butters, specifically from The Body Shop. 

About The Body Shop Body Butters:

The Body Shop Body Butters provide rich hydration throughout the day and are made up of Community Fair Trade Ingredients and generally are enriched with lovely lingering fragrance.

The Body Shop Body Butters I am using:

Yes I am crazy about The Body Shop Body Butters and currently using 4 outstanding ones. The ones that I use are 
The Body Shop Olive Body Butter

How I am benefited by The Body Shop Body Butters:

The Body Shop Body Butters are very hydrating and nourishing and my skin stays very hydrated throughout the day by the use. I love the fragrance of each of the body butters. While the Strawberry Mania Body Butter captures the summery breezy mood with its fruity fragrance, the Brazil Nut Body Butter takes your senses straight to the warmth of a nutty and sweet aroma. The Limited Edition Vanilla Bliss Body Butter lets our  your mood fly high to the enchanting smelling vanilla fields and the Olive Body Butter sweeps you off your feet to a world of delicious olive garden. 

The best thing that I love about The Body Shop Body Butters is that they #SupportCrueltyFree and are against Animal testing.

I am again eyeing The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter and look forward to use it. 

To chose and shop your pick visit The Body Shop website here

Have you used any of The Body Shop Body Butters? Which one is your favourite? Share with me.

Stay tuned  for the review of The Body Shop Olive Body Butter. Coming soon.

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