Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sport the German winning hair styles with TRESemmé

Black, Red and Yellow are the colors of this season. These will be splashed all around for the next couple of days, may be even months to come. With a glorious victory in the recent soccer finale, Germany has earned the champions tag for themselves in the history of football, but it’s not just their victory that the world is talking about. The German WAG’s too have caught the fancy of many fans. They certainly know how to make style statements and be in the limelight. 
Daniel Bauer, TRESemmé expert, helps you decode the top 3 hairstyles spotted by German WAG’s that has created a stylish statement for this season:

Top Knot seen on Lena Gercke – Girlfriend of Sami Khedira

One of the easiest hair styles to sport. This look shouts cool kid, great attitude and carefree living. All you need to do is:

Step 1 - Prep your hair with a shampoo and conditioner
Step 2 - Blow-dry your hair in all directions to get a slightly messy look
Step 3 - Using your fingers apply styling clay and run it through your hair. This is the key step to create this loose textured updo
Step 4 - Pull your hair into a loose high ponytail and wrap the hair around in a bun
Step 5 - Turn this look on with a tail comb, loosen the pulled back hair, it shouldn't look tight
Step 6 - Pull out some loose strands and set the look with some hair spray

 Loose Waves seen on Cathy Fischer, girlfriend of Mats Hummels

This is the favourite hairstyle spotted by majority of the WAG’s. A simple yet trendy style that works best for long hair. So before you think about a cut, think about repairing those loose ends.

Step 1 - Wash and condition your hair with Shampoo and conditioner
Step 2 - Apply some mousse to your hair and blowdry it in all directions to aim for messy look. For added volume blowdry your hair over your head.
Step 3 - Create a center or deep side parting to the crown and apply a heat protector to your hair
Step 4 - take small sections of hair on each side and tong them. Tong away from your head starting around the chin length, tonging half the remaining hair only. Vary each section from clockwise to anticlockwise.
Step 5 - Take the front sections of your hair and pull to the nape of the neck holding together with an elastic band
Step 6 - Finally, set in place with some hair spray

Sleek Ponytail seen on Ann Kathrin Broemmel girlfriend of Mario Goetze

It's all about texture this season. A relaxed and sporty look that can be made modern with the right texture.

Step 1 - Prep hair with Shampoo and Conditioner
Step 2 - Pull back hair into a medium high ponytail. The key here is to get the pulled hair as tight and sleek at possible, a professional tip is to spray hair spray on your brush to achieve greater hold

Step 3 - With the pony tail secure, run clay through the tail with your fingers. Twist the hair to achieve a natural fall and gently run your fingers through to release the look slightly 

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