Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hiphop Skin Care Instant Make-Up Remover Pads Review

What is the biggest threat that I face while on vacation? To carry a whole bundle of cotton pads and cleansing oil, face wash and so on. How about getting to know a product that can make this lengthy process shorter and easier? Let's meet the Hiphop Skin Care Instant Makeup-Up Remover Pads.

About Hiphop Skin Care: 
Hiphop Skin Care is a brand of Venus DC Limited and In India, they have launched several innovative products and are the first to manufacture and launch Hair Styling Gel, Facial Scrubs and now Hair Remover Wax Strips, Nail Wipes, Facial Wax Strips, Men's Hair Removing Cream, Foam Hand Wash and other natural Cosmetics.

About Hiphop Skin Care Instant Make-Up Remover Pads:
VenusDC’s Make Up Remover Wipes are one step cleansing treatment specially designed to remove face and eye make up and gently moisturize the skin.

Price:Rs.100 for 30 wipes Available here without any shipping charges

Packaging: Hiphop Skin Care Instant Make-Up Remover Pads come in an attractive silver-blue cardboard box outer packaging. The pads are secured inside a white tub with a plastic inner protective cover.

Product: The makeup remover pads are white in colour and very moist in texture with a lovely smell of instant wet tissues.

My Experience: Hiphop Skin Care Instant Make-Up Remover Pads is a lovely smelling product that immediately boosts the energy and refreshes you. I love the inside plastic push cover that keeps the moisture of the makeup pads intact. These pads are very soft and hydrating for the skin.And they best thing is once you wipe your face with a pad, nor does it leave your skin greasy, neither it dries you out. Now the most important thing, removing makeup.

I can say it is a very good remover when it comes to removing face makeup, like foundation,blush,highlighter, bronzer etc. I have seen that a single pad is enough to wipe away low to medium coverage makeup. However, if you are high on face colours you would require more than a single wipe. I have tried the Hiphop Skin Care Instant Make-Up Remover Pads to remove my eye makeup and for lighter shades it works quite fine, but very pigmented,glittery, shimmery shades would require your usual eye makeup remover. So, as a facial makeup remover these pads are excellent.

1. Effective to remove moderate makeup
2. Hydrating
3. Made out of natural ingredients
4. Leaves skin soft and fresh
5. Nice fragrance
6. Can remove light eye makeup
7. Travel friendly packaging
8. Good shelf-life

1. Not very effective on heavy eye makeup
2. For full coverage face makeup and heavy contouring, highlighting one pad is not enough
3. Limited availability

Rating: 4.2/5

Hiphop Skin Care Instant Make-Up Remover Pads are the best thing you can think about if you are travelling. It is quite effective in removing low to medium coverage makeup and does not have any adverse effect on the skin. I would definitely purchase this product in future and would recommend it to all.

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