Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lakmé Salon Presented ‘Show Stopping Hair’ Collection Styled by Little Shilpa

Lakmé Salon Presented ‘Show Stopping Hair’ Collection Styled by Little Shilpa @ Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014
Mumbai, 25th August, 2014: Lakmé Salon brought hair to the forefront for the first time in the history of Lakmé Fashion Week through its ‘Show Stopping Hair’ collection. Styled by Little Shilpa, the line showcased a variety of head-turning avant-garde hairstyles that opened with ‘Metamorphosis’; a play of hair colors,  followed by ‘Illusion’; a tryst of hair lengths and textures and ended with the classic ‘Moulin Rouge’; bouffants and updos galore. Twelve models walked the ramp with the spotlight uniquely focused on their hair, punctuating Lakmé Salon’s belief ‘Hair is Fashion’.

The collection took its cues from three different spaces; postmodern Paris romantic Paris and Moulin Rouge. Cutting edge hairstyles, and mirror images of opposite hair lengths and textures constituted the first part of the show, ‘Metamorphosis’. ‘Illusion’ inspired by the ‘Northern lights’ phenomenon celebrated the confluence of hair colors. Finally, red crystal chains around hair cones, coiffures and red crystal nested mohawks recreated ‘Moulin Rouge’ for the show.

Whether drapes of shredded fabric around models in all black, or corsets with micro shorts, Little Shilpa certainly added some interesting design elements that complimented Lakmé Salon’s unconventional hairstyles. Add to that theatrical lighting where the spotlight followed models, furthered the dramatic tone of the show. Little Shilpa also created a special limited edition hair accessory which will be offered to the first 20 Lakmé Salon customers who opt for these newly introduced looks. These pieces have been crafted basis the three themes that were showcased at the show.

At the event, Shailesh Moolya, Creative Hair Director, Lakmé Salons stated that “Lakmé Salon for the first time in India made hair the hero of the show. It was great to see such an outstanding response. Our three creative and trendy hair themes from the ‘Show Stopping Hair’ collection will revolutionize hair fashion in the country and are going to make hair the boldest fashion statement. These gorgeous, fashion-forward looks from the runway, in their wearable avatar, will be brought to over 150 Lakmé Salons in 50 plus cities, giving women a chance to experience a new expression of fashion through their hair.”

Little Shilpa says “Styling for Lakmé Salon’s ‘Show Stopping Hair’ collection has been a fun and rewarding experience. I believe the brand has revolutionized the hair fashion arena in India by bringing to the fore creative and trendy styles. Lakmé Salon and I share a common belief that “Fashion goes beyond clothing”. Lakmé Salon’s vision of making Indian women runway ready, matches perfectly with my fashion style and statement.”
Shailesh Moolya, Creative Hair Director, Lakme Salon, Designer Little Shilpa and Sushma Khan, National Makeup and Skin Trainer, Lakme Salon (L-R)
The collection fluently delivered the message that show stopping fashion begins with hair. The prêt-à-porter versions of the Illusion, Metamorphosis and Moulin Rouge looks from the ‘Show Stopping Hair’ collection will be available at over 150 Lakmé Salons in the country.

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