Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ozone Ayurvedics Orange Lip Balm Review

I have shared with you a lot of times that my lips are quite pigmented. May be the excessive use of lipsticks is the reason. However, I have become quite careful now and have controlled my lipstick application quite reasonably, apart from using a lip scrub. Now is my turn to experiment with lip balms. One such lip balm that I am testing right now is the Ozone Ayurvedics Orange Lip Balm.

About Ozone Ayurvedics Orange Lip Balm:
  • Nourishes and heals cracked lips with plumping effect
  • Contains Shea Butter that effectively moisturizes and protects the lips from sun and wind
  • Light & non-greasy formula with Orange flavour
  • Provides long lasting moisture
  • Leaves lips soft,supple,smooth & beautiful

Price of Ozone Ayurvedics Orange Lip Balm:
Rs.45 for 10 g 
Available here with COD option

Packaging: The outer packaging is in the shape of a huge orange and the product comes inside a squeeze tube with a slanted applicator mouth.

Product: The product is a clear gel with a very mild citrus tangy smell

My Experience: Out of most of the tinted lip balms available in the market, Ozone Ayurvedics Orange Lip Balm is a breath of fresh air with its clear gel texture. It instantly heals dry lips and fills the cracks. The lips are conditioned and smoothed. It leaves a glossy film o the lips while applied but eventually this glossiness fades away but the softness of the lips still remain intact. The lips remain soft for a considerable period of time, even after eating or sipping on tea.

 I am very fond of the packaging- it is so cute and easy to apply. Also the size makes it just perfect to fit inside even a wallet. The fragrance is also very fresh and fruity. Above all, I have noticed that it gives a certain plumpness to the lips. I would not say it appears as bee-stung but certainly it looks much fuller. It has natural sunscreens but no SPF.

1. Heals dry lips
2. Fills cracks
3. Conditions lips
4. Makes lips soft
5. Makes lips appear fuller
6. Natural sunscreens
7. Shea butter contents
8. Citrus fragrance
9. Clear gel
10. Cute packaging
11. Easy to carry
12. No added preservative

1. No SPF
2. May not be suitable for people allergic towards citrus fruits

Rating: 4.4/5

Ozone Ayurvedics Orange Lip Balm is definitely a refreshing and nice product in the crowd of tinted synthetic balms, that takes good care of lips by making them soft, supple and pretty. A great product from Ozone Ayurvedics, and if you are not into tangy smells, there is the Ozone Ayurvedics Strawberry Lip Balm for you too.

*PR Sample

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