Wednesday, September 10, 2014

3 Reasons He Should Not Use Soaps

They may be annoying most of the times, they may not agree to our views any time and we may feel like banging their head all the time, but we cannot ignore them. Yes I am talking about the men in our lives. They may be our husband, father,brother,uncle, son and they are special to us. But can we let them do whatever they want? Definitely not, no matter how difficult they may seem, they are our dear ones and we want the best for them. 

But when they use those dull looking soap bars, they actually are choosing to be losers. There are many reasons for that:

1. Sodium Laurel Sulfate(SLS): The agent that makes soap lather is this toxic substance. So when he washes his face with that innocent looking soap bar, he is actually risking his skin, and most importantly his eyes which can get irritated and even damaged. It is a known skin irritant and drying agent.

2.Animal fat: This also known as tallow is one of the ingredients in soaps. So, knowingly or unknowingly he is not being cruelty free when he uses that hard bar of soap.

3. Artificial Fragrance: The nice and musky smelling hard rock in his shower is actually a house of artificial chemicals that makes it smell so nice. Synthetic smells can be such a downer sometimes.

So, let us not allow the men to choose evil for the skin, #SayNoToBars and instead use the Garnier Men Face Wash as they are mild and good for their skin. 

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