Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hiphop Skin Care Salt & Sugar Gel Face Wash with Micellar Water Review

Hiphop Skincare is living no stones unturned and is coming up with very easy to use makeup and skin care essentials for the first time in India. Today I am going to talk about the Hiphop Skin Care Salt & Sugar Gel Face Wash.

About Hiphop Skin Care Salt & Sugar Gel Face Wash with Micellar Water:
Traditionally, salt & sugar are the only effective source of washing as it is simple, gentle and purest form of cleansing. Hiphop has combined traditional and modern science and produced a 'salt & sugar face wash with micellar water'. Salt & sugar face wash with micellar water cleanses & moisturizes the skin. It is a natural salt & sugar based face wash which actively, removes toxins, clears the skin, controls sebum and smoothens skin and improves the tone. It also improves skin texture by reducing dry & rough skin. Deep cleans, removes make-up / water proof make-up & impurities that dulls the skin. Suitable for all types of skin.

Price: Rs.90/ for 120ml Available here with free shipping

Packaging: Hiphop Skin Care Salt & Sugar Gel Face Wash comes in a totally white tube packaging with a white flip-open cap.

Product: The Face wash looks totally transparent gel in texture and has a lovely mild fragrance.

My Experience:Hiphop Skin Care Salt & Sugar Gel Face Wash is a truly transparent gel face wash that thoroughly cleans your face. I am not saying it does a job of your makeup remover, but if you are wearing lighter makeup it will surely be able to leave your face clean. I like many things about the face wash actually, first it is rare to find a perfect gel cleanser in India, that too with the goodness of Micellar water. The face wash does not foam so much which some people may not like, and may end up using more product. 

I love how it leaves the skin soft without leaving it dry. I have used the YSL White Mode Bubble Gel Mousse and the texture and fragrance of Hiphop Skin Care Salt & Sugar Gel Face Wash with Micellar Water is very similar to that. Although it is not a whitening range and does not give any such effect also. So It is somewhat a dupe for the same in a much affordable price. The packaging is travel friendly and I wish it was transparent.

1.Has Micellar Water
2.Perfect Gel texture
3.Thoroughly cleans skin
4.Effective in removing sheer to semi-medium coverage makeup
5.Lovely fragrance
6.Travel friendly packaging
7.Does not dry skin
9. Dupe of YSL White Mode Bubble Gel Mousse

1.Opaque tube
2.Is not effective on full coverage or water-proof makeup
3.Does not lather that much
4.SLES content


Hiphop Skin Care Salt & Sugar Gel Face Wash with Micellar Water is a nice face wash if you are looking for a light yet effective cleanser. The fragrance is nice and it does not dry out skin leaving it clean and soft. To shop more HipHop Skincare products check out Amazon

 *PR Sample

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