Monday, September 1, 2014

Monsoon Travel Essentials from Lakme

Monsoons symbolize freshness and tranquility and we all look forward to long drives, weekend trips and frolicking in the rain. While the prospects of monsoons are exciting, you cannot ignore the skin woes that the season brings with it. Learning from the famous adage of- ‘prevention is better than cure’, here are a few monsoon travel essentials that the Lakmé Skin expert recommends to keep your skin protected during your monsoon escapades:

1. Waterproof makeup - Opt for waterproof mascara, eyeliners, kajals that will stay intact in these rains. They will not smear over your face and will keep your look intact. 

2. Sunscreen is a must – Just because the sun plays hide and seek, it doesn’t mean the skin doesn’t feel the heat. Ensure that a sunscreen never gets out of your bag. 

3. Lakmé CC cream - Wearing makeup which isn’t water resistant will either peel off quickly during the rains or require frequent touch-ups. Thus, wearing minimal makeup is advisable. You can use Lakmé CC Cream which is easily absorbed by your skin and instantly gives you perfectly even tone that looks natural. It also containing SPF 20 that ensures sun protection, while brightening and refreshing your skin.

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4. Night Cream: Don’t forget to also carry a night cream along. We all want to look our best in our vacation pictures, don’t we? A night cream will soothe your skin while you sleep and will keep it hydrated for the day, making it look its best.

5. Tissue papers - During monsoons, skin suffers damage due to high humidity in the atmosphere which results in oily skin. Make sure you carry a pack of soft tissue papers to regularly wipe away oil from your face.

6. Umbrellas - You might not need this piece of information but let’s be sure you carry that beautiful multicolored umbrella every time you step out!

With these basic yet important items you can protect yourself from the rains and make the most of them too. You do not require carrying a big bag loaded with hundreds of items, keep your pack light and smart, and have a delightful monsoon!

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