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Plum Choco Latte Creamy Body Wash & Luxurious Body Lotion Review

People who know me well, know about my addiction to chocolates. I have been fortunate enough to spend some memorable years in Belgium, the country of chocolates where even a Marie biscuit is not free of chocolates and where they even make chocolate pizzas. To extend my love towards chocolate I have been using the Plum Choco Latte Creamy Body Wash & Luxurious Body Lotion for sometime now. 

About Plum Choco Latte Range:

  • Inviting, indulgent range of body care and skin care products for those who look beyond the boring stuff.
  • No stories about “look younger in 7 days” or “impress your neighbour with visibly fairer skin”
  • This one’s only about you, your senses and the sheer joy of living in a world lucky enough to have discovered chocolate. 
Packaging: Plum Choco Latte Creamy Body Wash & Luxurious Body Lotion are available in white bottles with white pump caps that can be locked for your convenience. The rich brown coloured fonts gives the feel of something chocolaty inside.

About Plum Choco Latte Creamy Body Wash:
Lose yourself in the indulgence of a creamy, chocolaty showering experience. We call it “creamy”, with good reason.
♥ Your skin will love this gentle, creamy experience
♥ And the lingering, haunting chocolaty aroma
Time to indulge 
And say goodbye to soap

Price: Rs.380 for 200ml Available here

Product: Plum Choco Latte Creamy Body Wash is a runny shiny cream white coloured liquid that smells of chocolate mixed in milk.

My Experience: Plum Choco Latte Creamy Body Wash is not as thick or creamy as I had expected to be. It almost has a gel like texture and is quite runny. But when you use it with a loofah it gives a decent lather and the skin becomes very soft after rinse. The fragrance is just like your favourite chocolate powder mixed with a glass of milk which I love. The best thing about Plum Choco Latte Creamy Body Wash is how it does not make your skin dry after use. I tried the scratching with nail test and even on my very dry skin, there was no white patch or mark seen. And of course, being free of SLS & Paraben makes it more deserving for the good books, 

About Plum Choco Latte Luxurious Body Lotion:
You will be pardoned for thinking this is the real thing. With its indulgent aroma and silky texture, we would do well to remind you that this stuff is only for your skin to drink, and therefore strictly inedible. 
♥ Never-before silky texture
♥ Antioxidant cocoa butter for younger, brighter looking skin
♥ Haunting chocolate aroma
Pity, it's not edible.

Price:Rs.390 for 200ml Available here

Product: Plum Choco Latte Luxurious Body Lotion is a white coloured lotion with semi-thick consistency and the same Chocolate milk fragrance of that of the Body Wash.

My Experience: Plum Choco Latte Luxurious Body Lotion is a unique lotion indeed. I have dry body skin so I want my creams and lotions to be thick. This lotion immediately gets absorbed into the skin and in the beginning I thought that may be it is not that moisturizing for my dry skin. However, I could feel how my skin became soft and plump after the application. So Plum Choco Latte Luxurious Body Lotion basically pampers your skin and treats your dryness without being greasy on the skin. The choco-milky fragrance is so delicious and surely going to be loved by all chocolate lovers. The skin remains moisturized and plump throughout the day. I have seldom seen such lotions or creams that makes your skin soft without being greasy on top. Most of the popular ones that are meant for dry skin would be too greasy on the skin and make the skin look oily. This lotion is soaked by your skin and left soft and supple. A truly luxurious feel.

1.SLS & Paraben free
2.Very hydrating
3.Smells delicious
4.Makes skin soft
5.Does not make skin dry
6.Does not leave skin greasy
7.A small quantity is enough
8.Easy to use packaging

1.Extremely dry or chapped skin may require reapplication

Rating: 4.75/5

Plum Choco Latte Creamy Body Wash & Luxurious Body Lotion duo can surely win your heart if you are a true chocolate lover. An affordable indulgence that is cruelty-free and leaves you pampered, I would recommend the Plum Choco Latte Creamy Body Wash & Luxurious Body Lotion to all.If you are planning to buy only one from the range,as per me, the Plum Choco Latte Luxurious Body Lotion would be the best.

You can check out their website here for more of Plum Choco Latte Range or visit the homepage

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