Thursday, September 4, 2014

Puresense By Soap Opera Sleep Inducer Review

Puresense by Soap Opera has been kind enough to send me lot of samples of their heavenly scented soaps and the Puresense By Soap Opera Sleep Inducer.

About Puresense By Soap Opera Sleep Inducer:

This magical spray relaxes the mind & helps induce sleep. Studies have shown that repeated use of this improves the quality of sleep. 

It’s an aromatic blend of rosemary, lavender & bergamot, which de-stresses & calms you.

 Price: Rs.375 for 100ml Available here 

Packaging: Puresense By Soap Opera Sleep Inducer comes in a transparent bottle with a push cap and a cute light blue sticker on the body.

Product: The inducer is transparent and watery with a very mild fragrance

My Experience: Puresense By Soap Opera Sleep Inducer is a product you would love your tired self to be indulged in. The mild fragrance mixed with spicy but subdued notes of rosemary, blended with the floral base of lavender just takes you to a whole new world. The fragrance is light, calm and makes you think of lovely little things like lullabies, cuteness, sweet dreams. A definite reprise after a tired day where you just want to relax and have your own sweet time. 

Although it is termed as a sleep inducer, I would not mind using the fragrance for times when I just want some calm moments with me and myself only. It is said to improve the quality of sleep with regular use. I dont face any sleep related problems as such, so I would not be able to tell about this feature. But surely, it relaxes the mind and makes you realize that Aromatherapy actually works. A relaxed and calm mind will make your way to the world of sweet dreams. I have used it in the day time and felt that the fragrance does not stay for a very long time. So, if you want to use it as a daily scent, you may need to re-spray.

1.Mild fragrance
2.Has notes of rosemary,lavender & bergamot
3.Relaxes the mind
4.Said to improve sleep quality
5.Easy to use
6.Can be used as a fragrance too

1.The fragrance does not stay for a very long time

Rating: 4.75/5

Puresense By Soap Opera Sleep Inducer is a great product to have with you. Even if you are not keen enough to try a sleep inducing agent, you can just get it to use as a mild everyday fragrance. The soft notes of lavender and rosemary are definitely going to take you to the starry world of dreams. A Star product from Puresense by Soap Opera.

*PR sample

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