Saturday, October 11, 2014

Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist Review

I love floral fragrances and most of the fragrances I have are mostly floral or fruity, a few have a bit musky smell too. So when recently I visited the Chambor counter, I was attracted towards 2 lovely packaged fragrances with floral notes-one pink & 1 green. I picked up the pink one which is the Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist.

About Chambor Fragrance Mists: 
Chambor has come up with 2 varieties of floral fragrances, inspired by the quaint English countryside. There are 2 variants- Mystique Magnolia in a pink bottle & Tender Tuberose in a green bottle.

Price: Rs.595/- for 200ml .Available in all Chambor outlets

Packaging: Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist comes in a berry pink & silver shiny cardboard packaging and the bottle is a transparent pink with a spray pump and a transparent cap. The lovely image of magnolia flowers on the bottle boosts the beauty.

My Experience: Although I had no intentions of buying any fragrance that day, the very bottle had attracted me so much that I couldn't resist myself to try it out. First I tried the Tender Tuberose, which I felt a bit strong for my taste. But when the SA gave me the Mystique Magnolia, I was really mesmerized. I have seldom seen such a concentrated smell in any mist. It is almost like an EDT. 

The notes are a mixed alchemy of flowers-magnolia, a slight hint of rose, a bit citrus and a bit woody. It is so feminine and classy and definitely transports your senses o the English countryside. 
Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist surprisingly stays for a very long time, unlike any other mists in that price range. I think the price is also quite reasonable for a 200ml bottle. 

Rating:5/5(I really cannot think of any negative traits)

Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist is an absolute delight and a beautiful offering from the house of Chambor Geneva. Girls who has a liking for pure floral fragrances and love to celebrate their femininity will definitely love this fragrance mist.  

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