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Tired and embarrassed of your greys and yet afraid to colour your hair? Worried that the chemicals in the dye would damage and bleach the rest of your hair? You are losing your glamour and style statement because of the grey hairs that you don’t want and want a stylish brown colour that will make you look beautiful like a diva? Well, no worries. I will tell you the process of making a natural brown hair colour at home.

INGREDIENTS REQUIRED- Water (3-4 cups), coffee powder (1/2 cup), carrot juice (1 cup), lemon (1 small).

UTENSILS REQUIRED- Medium sized saucepan, large spoon, large mixing bowl and a sharp knife.
Step 1- Bring the cups of water to boil in the saucepan and add the coffee powder. Close the saucepan with a lid and keep them aside for 10-15 minutes. This will help the coffee to gain its colour.

STEP 2- Cut the lemon into two squeezable halves with the knife and deseed it. Squeeze the juice into the big mixing bowl. Lemon will lighten the tone and help you give a light golden glow. It also makes your hair silkier and controls hair fall as it acts as an anti-septic and its vitamin c helps to remove dead-skin cells.
STEP 3- Add the carrot juice to the mixing bowl and stir them well. The beta-carotene pigment will remove dead skin cells and give the colour a light reddish-brown glow. It also gives your hair a smooth texture and controls hair fall.
STEP 4- Now add the coffee to the rinse hair colour mixture. Stir the mixture and let it cool down to such a temperature which makes sure that the mixture is still warm but not that much to burn your skin.
STEP 5- Keep the colour mixture aside for 4-5 minutes and help the mixture to gain its colour.

The applying of hair colour is really easy and requires much less time than the market colours.  Apply the hair-colour to your hair with a hair-brush covering the greys and if you want to the rest of your hair or simply you can apply the colour with your hands. It will not stain. Apply double colour layers to your hair and fold it and wrap it with a towel and let it dry for 20-30 minutes. Rinse it off.
Some Precautions:
1.      Use it frequently for some weeks to get your desired colour and reduce the use after that.
2.      Consistency of mixture will depend on the volume of hair.
3.      No need to use shower caps or plastics.
4.      Store excessive colour in a cleaned soda-bottle and keep it in the freezer.
5.      If you want darker colour then increase the amount of coffee powder.
Try it! It will give you dramatic results.
By Airene

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