Thursday, October 9, 2014

Elle 18’s Festive Beauty Guide

Get ready to look gorgeous this festive season

A year in India is filled with numerous festivals and occasions that create memorable moments. The joy of these festivals is extended beyond the significant day, as women take centre stage, not just with the festival preparations but also their looks. From the spectrum of whites worn during Holi to the traditional red-bordered white sari attire at Durga Puja, Indian women love dressing up and do go that extra mile to look gorgeous! But the look isn’t complete without the right choice of makeup and Indian eyes never fail to mesmerize.

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With the festive season soon approaching, Elle 18 presents the most wearable, flattering and eye-catching gorgeous makeup trends that will accentuate your look and make you festive-ready for 2014. These “do-it-yourself” looks will make you dazzle like never-before. See how:

Durga Puja –looks to kill   

Indian eyes can be quite magnetic! Especially when they are accentuated with the right eye makeup. This season, get the perfect winged-look to match that traditional get up! 

Festival Focus – eye makeup 

With Elle 18’s new Water resistant Black Out Kajal, it isn’t far-fetched! The long lasting Kajal glides on smoothly leaving a velvety and glossy finish. Its water resistant formula just adds to the long lasting effect that enhances your eyes and thus your overall look.  

Onam– A strong foundation    
With ten days of feasting, boat races, singing, dancing and merriment, Onam is the most celebrated festival in the South. With the festival in the peak summer, greet the festivities in the sun with the ideal make up base!

Festival Focus – foundation  

Elle 18’ Glow Foundation is the perfect make up essential to achieve a radiant and flawless look on Onam.  An every-day silky delicate texture foundation with SPF 8 and gentle moisturizer, the Elle 18 Glow foundation keeps the skin hydrated giving it a bright and  radiant finish.

Diwali – lips speak                                        

Diwali is truly one of India’s most celebrated festivals. With the festival of lights occurring at the onset of winter months between Octobers – November, it is important to get the perfect night look that blends well with the dry winter weather. Elle 18 offers a simple solution to combat both.

Festival Focus – lip care  

Elle 18’s all new Color Pops is now available to moisturize give you supple and soft lips. From frosted cherry to iced chocolate, the 40 shades color spectrum now gives color soaked luscious lips. With cocoa butter and jojoba oil packed into its moisturizing core, stay ahead of the cold winter and let your lips speak volumes this Diwali!

Navratri – Nails to dazzle
Navratri is celebrated with the famous Garba and Dandiya-Raas dance during all nine days of the festival. While women wear the traditional ghagra in beautiful colors, grooming the nails that adorn the dandiya-holding hand becomes equally important.

Festival focus – Nails

Apart from the fabulous face make up to match your outfit, mix and match Elle 18’s trendy Nail Pops range to fit the festive season. The range offers a wide variety of nail colors in 48 explosive shades that are sure to complete your Navratri look. 

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