Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Let Your Skin Sparkle This Diwali with Lakme CC Cream

14 October, Mumbai: It’s that joyous time of the year when families are united, friends catch up and siblings have a blast! Streets bustling with gift shops and hassled shoppers are a common sight that get you in the festive spirit. While you spruce up your home and shop till you drop in these hectic days before Diwali, do not forget to spend some time on yourself.

Don’t let the endless shopping lists and late night work schedules stop you from getting a glowing and radiant skin.  A diligent skin regime works for long term benefits, so let the Lakmé skin expert guide you through the perfect skin routine this season. 

The 4 step ritual to sparking skin:

·         Cleanse your skin from all dust and grime, by washing it with plain cold water at least thrice a day
·         Exfoliate once a week to rid your skin of all dead skin cells
·         Try the Lakmé CC cream, which is an ideal combination of goodness of a daily skincare cream with just the right touch of make-up. The cream can be used as a base for your make up to give your skin an even tone and style you at your best to help you look picture perfect for all your candid Diwali moments
·         Remove your make up before hitting the sack and allow your skin to breathe

And don’t forget the basics:

·         Healthy is the right diet: With the season for festivities, diet vows go for a toss. It’s time to bring juicy fruits back to your table and cut down on your oil intake. Invest in fresh leafy vegetables and fiber rich fruits for a clear and healthy skin

·         Water is the ultimate elixir: Water not only helps detox your body, but also assists in transporting those essential nutrients to your skin which finally results in healthy and blemish free skin. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, keeps the skin demons away!
These simple and hassle free tips will help your skin achieve that sparkly glow this festival of lights.

This Diwali, let your skin do all the dazzling!

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