Monday, October 13, 2014

Nirvaaha Natural Face Scrub Review

A few days back I have posted about Nirvaaha products. Nirvaaha was kind enough to send me 4 of their natural ingredients based products. Today I will be reviewing the Nirvaaha Natural Face Scrub.

About Nirvaaha Natural Face Scrub:
Natural Face Scrub is a natural tan remover that gives your skin a beautiful radiance. Made from natural herbs such as, Lata gulab, Gandhprasarini, Jatamasi, Nagarmotha, Bach; this scrub gives a smooth, radiant skin; helps remove tan and dark circles and gives relief from sun-burn. This scrub can also be used as a face pack.

Price: Rs.242 for 80gms Available at discounted rate here

Packaging: I have been provided the products in Sachets. The actual packaging is a jar with pink sticker.

Product: Nirvaaha Natural Face Scrub is a light cream coloured powdery scrub with some smell of the natural herbs it contains

My Experience: I have used the Nirvaaha Natural Face Scrub, as instructed, by mixing up with a bit of milk & rose water and then scrubbing my face. I massaged my face for about a minute. It is very mild, and as the powder is fine and not granulated, it is not at all abrasive to the skin. The skin feels very clean instantly. I have left it just like that for an hour or so to check how it reacts. Nirvaaha Natural Face Scrub cleans the skin thoroughly without being harsh. However, beauties with dry skin may feel the scrub a bit drying. So it is better to apply some hydrating toner afterwards. 

About how Nirvaaha Natural Face Scrub fares on the skin-well, as I said it surely cleanses the skin very well. I concentrate my massage on the nose part where I get blackheads. It has not shown any miraculous effect on blackheads, but surely there has been an improvement in my pore size. The enlarged pores appear much less and overall the complexion looks good. It is mentioned it can be used as a face pack. I would suggest using a bit of almond oil if you have normal to dry skin as it has a tendency to dry out skin.

1.Totally natural ingredients
2.Can be used as face pack
3.Effective on enlarged pores
4.Not abrasive
5.Leaves face clean
6.Improves overall complexion
7.Good for oily skin
8.Chemical free

1.Can be a bit drying
2. Not that effective on blackheads

Rating: 4.3/5

Nirvaaha Natural Face Scrub is a decent face scrub, more suitable for oily skin type. It is not that effective on blackheads but can make the skin texture better by reducing the appearance of pores. If you have oily to combination skin and are looking for a decent face scrub full of natural goodness, this is the one for you. 
Know more about their products on their website

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