Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nirvaaha Natural Mud Face Pack Review

I have discussed a couple of weeks back that Nirvaaha has sent me a few of their 100% natural products for review here. Today I will be reviewing the Nirvaaha Natural Mud Face Pack.

About Nirvaaha Natural Mud Face Pack:
Makes skin brighter, cleaner, and more vibrant
Removes spots, blemishes and marks
Refreshes and rejuvenates facial skin by absorbing excess oil and removing impurities
Nirvaaha Natural Mud Face Pack nourishes your skin and helps remove spots, blemishes and dark circles. Made from nutrient-rich black soil, aloe vera, rose and turmeric, this face pack is 100% natural, and thus gentle on your skin.

Price: Rs.289 for 90g Available here at 15% discount
Packaging:The Nirvaaha Natural Mud Face Pack comes in a plastic tub with a saffron sticker wrapped on it. I have received a sachet.

Product: Nirvaaha Natural Mud Face Pack is a dark brown coloured powder with a herbal smell.

My Experience: There is specific instruction on the package of Nirvaaha Natural Mud Face Pack on how to use it properly. Accordingly I mixed it up with a bit milk and rose water and left it for 15-20 minutes after applying. After wiping it off, I found that it gave a very clean feel to the face. I used it after coming home from the sun. And it really did a good job of removing the tan. It makes the skin soft and removes all the excess oil.

Adding milk & rose water

After mixing

Nirvaaha Natural Mud Face Pack is an excellent face pack for oily skin. It removes dirt, excess oil and makes the skin grease-free. It gives a glowing skin. The face looks quite bright and clear. It is said to work on blemish spots too. The most promising point is it is said to work on dark circles. However, it dries out the skin a bit. So, it is best to add a bit of your favourite beauty oil or common almond oil if your skin is dry.It has a 3 years shelf life if stored in a dry place.

1.Brightens skin
2.Makes skin clean
3.Removes excess oil
4.Removes tan
5.Restricts greasiness
6.Works on blemish
7.Said to wok on dark circles
8.Excellent for oily skin
9.Made out of natural ingredients

1.May be a bit drying for dry skin


Nirvaaha Natural Mud Face Pack is a very good face pack, specially for oily skin. If you have to go out in sun and want to get back your freshness, this may be the perfect product to give you that. I would recommend this to all beauties with oily and combination skin.
For more information on Nirvaaha visit their website

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