Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Nirvaaha to Fulfill my Beauty Desires

Hey girls, how is it going with all the festivities around? I have been very very busy celebrating festivals and I had to take special care of my skin and hair during this time. And thankfully Nirvaaha has sent me some very useful products just needed for the festival beauty regime.

About Nirvaaha:
Nirvaaha, which means to fulfill was founded with the vision to fulfill our relationship with our body, with the environment and all the people involved.
At Nirvaaha utmost care is taken so that the body receives healthy, chemical-free, unaltered items.
‘Nirvaaha’ products range from body care items to health products (with medicinal value), household and food items. All made from natural, unadulterated, pure ingredients!

What Nirvaaha Offers:
Starting from Organic Food products to Body and hair care products, Nirvaaha provides an entire array of household items that are free of chemicals and are loaded with natural goodness. Check out the product details here.

What Nirvaaha has sent me:
Nirvaaha team was generous enough to send me 4 products from their skin and hair care range.

Rs.242 for 80g. Available here at 15% discount

Natural Face Scrub is a natural tan remover that gives your skin a beautiful radiance. Made from natural herbs such as, Lata gulab, Gandhprasarini, Jatamasi, Nagarmotha, Bach, this scrub gives a smooth, radiant skin, helps remove tan and dark circles and gives relief from sun-burn. This scrub can also be used as a face pack.

Rs.289 for 90g Available here with 15% discount

Natural Mud Face Pack nourishes your skin and helps remove spots, blemishes and dark circles. Made from nutrient-rich black soil, aloe vera, rose and turmeric, this face pack is 100% natural with ingredients from forests of Madhya Pradesh.

Rs.242 for 50g Available here with 15% discount
Nirvaaha Body Scrub (Natural Uptan) tones the skin, removes wrinkles and dark circles. Made from wild mustard, black sesame, chickpea, nagarmotha, majufal and manjeeth, this scrub gives your skin a natural and healthy glow. Uptan's key feature is that it revitalizes the skin.

Nirvaaha Natural Hair Therapy:

Rs.242 for 120g Available here with 15% discount

Nirvaaha Natural Hair Therapy is a conditioning shampoo and a hair pack especially good for dull, dry and damaged hair. Made from nutrient-rich black soil and aloe vera, this shampoo and pack is 100% natural that gives your hair a natural bounce. This shampoo can be used for babies as well since it contains no preservatives, chemicals or artificial perfumes. The ingredients used are moisturising and can be used as a body and face wash as well for children and adults.

I will be reviewing these products one by one in the coming weeks. You can check their Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nirvaaha or check their entire product information on their website: http://www.nirvaaha.com/

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