Saturday, October 18, 2014

Vedic Line Choco Vanilla Face & Body Butter Review

As I always say I love bath & body products with chocolate, vanilla or nutty smell. Whenever I see any such tag I just go for the product without much thought. So, when I saw the-Vedic Line Choco Vanilla Face & Body Butter on Jabong, I just ordered it. Today I will be reviewing it.

About Vedic Line Choco Vanilla Face & Body Butter:
This Choco Vanilla Face& Body Butter moisturiser from Vedic Line will help seal in the moisture in your dry skin. This whipped cream with mega moisturising and calming effect will soften your skin and keep it nourished all day long. So, get that mushy softness which will surely be liked by everyone.

Price: Rs.225 for 65 ml Available here at 5% discount

Packaging: Vedic Line Choco Vanilla Face & Body Butter comes in a dark chocolate coloured tub and the inside is protected with a silver foil cover.

Product: The body butter is chocolaty brown in colour with a creamy & oily texture and smells a bit strong.

My Experience: Vedic Line Choco Vanilla Face & Body Butter is a very Indianized version of body butter. It has a consistency of a mousse but when you apply it on the skin it turns quite oily, which is good for me as I have very dry body skin. It really quenches dehydrated skin with a lot of moisture. The skin becomes a bit greasy initially but soon the product gets absorbed into the skin easily. The skin becomes soft and smooth.

What I do not like about the product is its fragrance. It smells like some Ayurvedic oil. Choco Vanilla tag mad me think that it would smell like a real chocolaty vanilla sweetness. However, I am disappointed with the fragrance. But other than that the Vedic Line Choco Vanilla Face & Body Butter is very good. It hydrates the skin nicely, makes it smooth and supple. And most important the softness and hydration stays for long time. So, beauties with dry skin will find the product very useful. I have not used it on my face so cannot really tell how it fares on face but undoubtedly it will be enough hydrating for very dry skin.

1Very sftening
2.Hydrates skin
3.Skin remains moisturised for a long time
4.Immediately soaks into the skin
5.Easy to carry
6.Body butter secured with silver foil
7.Will be very good for dry skin
8.Priced decently
9.Can be used as a Face Body Butter

1.Fragrance is not at all chocolaty
2.May be too oily for oily skin


Vedic Line Choco Vanilla Face & Body Butter is a very good body moisturizer that can be ideal for someone with very dry skin. I wish there was something chocolaty about the fragrance also.

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