Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oriflame The One Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadow in Shimmering Steel & Deep Indigo

Out of the 6 shades that I received from Oriflame’s The One range, I had reviewed 4 shades already. Today I will be reviewing the remaining 2 shades, i.e., Oriflame The One Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadow in Shimmering Steel & Deep Indigo.

About Oriflame The One Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadows:
Creamy texture shadows when applied turns powdery, due to this enhanced color intensity. This persistent fine and easy shade. Shadows have a highly pigmented formula for color intensity.
This shadow is part of their High Impact range of products.

Price: Rs.499

Friday, November 28, 2014

Winter Makeup Look in Collab with Her Creative Palace

Hey beauties, hope all of you are set for winters. I am all set and so is my cutie friend Kanika from Her Creative Palace blog that revolves around beauty related features like outstanding nail arts. Do check her blog here

I have done a makeup look that I would prefer on an evening out during winter. I have recently done a post on the Fall Beauty Trends and I have incorporated few of the trends in my look. Generally I prefer very subtle eye makeup with a bit of shimmer and bright lips. I have done the same with this look as I just wanted a glowing skin done with subtle gold shimmery eyes with touch of blue liner and Pink lips.

Ethicare Hydrofil Emollient Lotion Review

A few weeks back I have posted about how Ethicare was kind enough to send me some skincare essentials specially for the upcoming cold season. I have started using the products and today I will be reviewing the Ethicare Hydrofil Emollient Lotion.

About Ethicare Hydrofil Emollient Lotion:
A specially developed moisturizing cream and lotion base with excellent spread ability.
With goodness of natural moisturizer aloevera.
Available in both cream and lotion base. 
Available in more flexible sizes.

Price: Rs.132 for 100ml , Rs.399 for 400ml
Available here

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hey everyone, I've been lately out of writing due to a few reasons but to be honest I can't stay without writing. So, here I decided to come up with a DIY ANTI-DANDRUFF HAIR CARE. In this season many of us suffer from dandruff and I feel they're the most annoying and stubborn things in this world. I really get annoyed when I suffer from dandruff. I feel like they are in love with my hair and so they stick to my hair as long as they can. It's so irritating. But, I'm a born-struggler, so I fight these things bravely (lol). Instead of using anti-dandruff shampoos which are stuffed with chemicals that leaves a frizzy damaged hair I try natural remedies. 

So, I'm going to share some of them with you guys.

1.      Neem Hair-Mask: Neem as we know is very effective for both skin and hair. It cleanses the scalp and help in treating dry, itchy scalp as well as getting rid of dandruff. Crush neem leaves and make a thick paste with water. Apply on your hair focusing on the scalp. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with water.

Khadi Rose With Petals Handmade Soap Review

The dry season is back and we often hesitate to use cleansing bars during this time and instead settle for luxurious shower creams. However, there are certain soaps that give equally luxurious shower experience. Today I will be reviewing the Khadi Rose With Petals Handmade Soap.

About Khadi Rose With Petals Handmade Soap:
Enriched with real rose petals and rose water, this soap has a rich and sensual aroma. The soothing and cooling tonic effects of rose will make your shower experience truly sublime.

Price: Rs.70 for 125g Available here

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

12 Fall-Winter Makeup Trends of 2014

I was thinking of writing this post for a long time now. Although I do not believe much in following current trends and only go for looks that really suit me, I cannot deny that it is our tendency to check out the latest trends and to suit ourselves into it, by picking up the right colours.

Here are some of the latest trends in Makeup that we can sport in our own way(if possible):

1. Colour Flashes: A peek-a boo of bright hue on your makeup can instantly illuminate your daily look, like a blue liner or a touch of green shadow at the corner of the eye etc.

2. Unkempt Brows: Believe it or not this is my favourite style. You might have noticed that I often like to keep my brows just the way they are, without any touches. I feel great about it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Oriflame The One Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadows in Rose Gold & Intense Plum

Recently I have started indulging myself in creating some interesting eye makeup looks. The courtesy surely goes to Oriflame for sending me their newly launched cream eye shadow range of 6 beautiful jewel toned shades. Today I will be reviewing Oriflame The One Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadows in Rose Gold & Intense Plum.

About Oriflame The One Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadows:
Creamy texture shadows when applied turns powdery, due to this enhanced color intensity. This persistent fine and easy shade. Shadows have a highly pigmented formula for color intensity.
This shadow is part of their High Impact range of products.

L:Intense Plum & R:Rose Gold
Price: Rs.499

Complete your gloss regime with the all new Lakmé Absolute Skin Gloss Facial Foam

Go glossy this party season with the new Lakmé Absolute Skin Gloss Facial Foam

City, November 24,2014: Flaunt your glossy skin from the moment you wake up as Lakmé introduces the all new Absolute Skin Gloss Facial Foam, which washes away impurities, dirt & pollution without making the skin dry. It prepares your skin for maximum absorption of the active ingredients in your skin care regime.

Kick start your beauty regime with this self-foaming face wash, which cleanses the skin, and gives it a gentle glow. Recommended by skin experts, the Lakmé Absolute Skin Gloss Facial Foam sets base for a glossy skin regime which ensures glowing skin. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Orifame The One Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadows in Olive Green & Golden Brown Review

Hello all, winter is all set to spread its wings and I am pretty excited as this is the only time I can wear eye makeup without any tension. And to my enthusiasm, Oriflame has sent me some electrifying shades from their newly launched The One range. Today I will be reviewing Orifame The One Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadows in Olive Green & Golden Brown.

About Orifame The One Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadows:
Creamy texture shadows when applied turns powdery, due to this enhanced color intensity. This persistent fine and easy shade.Shadows have a highly pigmented formula for color intensity.
This shadow is part of their High Impact range of products.

Price: Rs.499

Friday, November 21, 2014

Makeup Revolution Redemption Matte Brights Palette Review

I love winters as I get to experiment more with my eye makeup without the tension of fading out. I have been eyeing for perfect matte shades for a long time. And so I got the Makeup Revolution Redemption Matte Brights Palette, which I will be reviewing today.

About Makeup Revolution Redemption Matte Brights Palette:
THE ultimate 
palettes with ultra high payoff.
 A perfect mix of bright matte shades. A pure sellout

Price: Rs.1200 Avail 50% discount on eyeshadows here

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher 12 Hour Lip Color in Green from De Rene

Hi beauties, how are you all? I am good, rather today my mood is good. Did i ever share with you that I am a very moody person. If I am in the mood for something I will anyhow do it, but if I am not, then no one in the world can compel me to do anything. So, when De Rene was sweet enough to send me to try the Fran Wilson Moodmatcher 12 Hour Lip Color in Green , I was quite excited.

About De Rene:

De Rene is a Online Lifestyle Store where you can get various brands of products starting from jewelleries, accessories and makeup. They come up with exciting discounts and attractive offers time and again. The website is very user friendly and the order is swiftly processed and delivered.

About Fran Wilson Moodmatcher:

Pucker up as DE RENÉ exclusively brings Moodmatcher USA to India for the first time. Remember the now-vintage mood rings of the 70s that changed color based on your mood? Now, imagine your lip color doing just the same thing! Formulated and made in USA, DE RENÉ gets you the novelty cosmetic brand, Fran Wilson Moodmatcher USA. A range of lip shades, glosses and twist-sticks that gives you a one-of-a-kind color with each shade responding differently to your lips according to your body chemistry for a truly ‘personalized’ lip color. Be it a sophisticated cocktail party or a sexy night out, these super-long lasting 12-hour formula won’t wear off even while you drink, eat or kiss!

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher 12 Hour Lip Color:
Each shade changes according to your body chemistry for a truly personalized lip color. Experience the rich, natural moisturizing and super-long-lasting 12-hour powers of this color bomb that just won't wear off, even when eating, drinking or kissing!

* 12-hour staying power
* Moisture rich and revitalizing with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
* Matt based sheen
* Made in USA
* By Fran Wilson Moodmatcher USA

Price: Rs.590 Available at a discounted price only here

Heart Bows & Makeup First Anniversary Giveaway- Win a Dell Tablet!

Hurry and enter to win a Dell Tablet on Heart Bows & Makeup's 1st Anniversary Giveaway from this link: and congratulate Lisha on her successful journey of blogging.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mickey Singh ventures into Men’s Fashion

New Delhi, 17 November 2014: 

American singer Mickey Singh has collaborated with Indian jewellery label Kawachi to recently launch his range of exclusive bow tie’s label “MICKS KAWACHI” in the capital.

Mickey Singh who has a huge fan base in India, USA, UK and Canada is not only known for his
singing capabilities but is also one of the most stylish Punjabi singers. His personal statement is
impeccable and is reflected in his on stage as well as off-stage persona. Kawachi on the other
hand is promoted by Delhi based celebrity stylist and jewellery designer Sachi Singh who is also
the stylist for Mickey Singh.

L'Oréal Paris introduces 15 gorgeous new shades of Infallible Lipsticks

From subdues neutrals to lively, vibrant shades, now enjoy 10 hours of vivid, high definition colour and shine

Mumbai:August 2014: Looking for a lipstick that makes it through your morning coffee and lasts till your evening wine? Do you have complaints like-too sticky, too dull, fades easily- while choosing a lip product? L'Oreal Paris has found a solution to your lip color woes. L'Oreal Paris introduces 15 gorgeous new shades of Infallible Lip Colour for luxurious, comfortable and long lasting lip colour. The new range boasts of classic favourites updated with a broad spectrum of exciting new colours, from subdues neutrals to lively, vibrant shades. Now enjoy 10 hours of vivid, high definition colour of your choice, whilst the hydrating Vitamin E keeps your lips moist and relaxed.

Blue Heaven Cosmetics Eye Magic Instant Eye Shadow in 602 Review

I am so happy that the cold weather has set, as it is time for me to do lots of colourful eye makeup. Generally during summers I do not really indulge in applying a lot of shadows as I am always scared of melting and smudging. But now, no worries at all. Incidentally I received the Blue Heaven Cosmetics Eye Magic Instant Eye Shadow  for review a few days back.

About Blue Heaven Cosmetics Eye Magic Instant Eye Shadow:
  • BLUE HEAVEN EYE MAGIC instant EYE SHADOW gives your eyes an extra smooth and adhering defined finish. The radiant colour and shimmer, shape and highlight your eyes making you look very glamorous.
  • Available in 6 vibrant shade palettes

Price: Rs.125 Available here & here with exclusive offers

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Harsh winter weather, dry heated air indoors, and a habit of constantly licking your lips due to dryness are all the early signs that winter is coming!  All these factors dry out the skin of your lips by causing the moisture in them to evaporate. The result - rough, cracked, sensitive lips that leave you very little to smile about. As a professional woman on the go, creased lips is the last thing you want to think about. With Lakmé 9to5’s newly launched Crease-less lipstick the only thing with creases should be your notebook! Here are some fun tips to take care of your lips and keep them Creaseless!

The Nature's Co. launches their Watermint Foaming Shave Gel, this International Men's Day

Making a tribute to The International Men's Day celebrated on the 19th of November every year, The Nature's Co. unveils the new category launched, & an addition to their exclusive men's range - the Watermint Foaming Shave Gel. 

The experts from The Nature's Co. have resolved to mollify the toughness and roughness of the hard, turgid men facial skin while they shave, bestowing the much needed goodness directly from the solace of Mother Nature. Infused with wholesomeness of Watermint, this foaming shave gel  is the best solution to bid adieus to irritation and razor bumps. 

Oriflame The One Illuskin Powder Review

In the month of October Oriflame has launched The One collection and few bloggers were chosen to test and try the products. This month I have received a few products for review and one of those is the Oriflame The One Illuskin Powder.

About Oriflame The One Illuskin Powder:
HaloLight Technology luminises skin for a natural finish.
Blurs imperfections and evens out skin tone
Medium coverage for a natural flawless look
Natural luminous matte finish
Part of the Everyday Beauty Range from The One collection

Price: Rs.649

Monday, November 17, 2014

“Parachute Advanced Knowledge Centre’’ Launches ‘Art of Oiling’ with Nargis Fakhri and International Massage Expert Moses Chundi

Rediscovers the fading art of oiling with a line of ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) oil massage techniques that are quick, easy & fun developed for daily rejuvenation

Mumbai, November 2014: Bollywood diva and model Nargis Fakhri announced the launch of Parachute Advansed Knowledge Centre’s Art of Oiling with International massage expert Moses Chundi in Mumbai. 

The beautiful actor has embarked on a journey to rediscover the fading ‘Art of Oiling’ to bring back this age old practice in a renewed avatar relevant in today’s lifestyle. Nargis was seen talking about the little known benefits and demonstrating certain oil massage techniques to the audience too. In an effort to rediscover this fading art, Parachute Advansed Knowledge Center (PAKC) along with international massage expert- Moses Chundi have developed a signature line of ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) massages.

Most of us are juggling hectic lifestyles while trying to multi-hat and are constantly faced with little roadblocks every day. It is important to invest some quality time in ourselves to let go off any of these niggles and knots that we face. ‘Art of Oiling’ provides rejuvenation with quick & easy 10 minute massage techniques. Its benefits range from de-stressing, relaxing, energizing and adding an instant glow on the face!

Fuschia Sandal Natural Handmade Soap Review

Hey beauties, how are you doing? I am doing great. As you all know I love using handmade soaps, and have been named by my friend Natasha as the Official Soap Queen, so living up to my Honorary Title, I will be reviewing the Fuschia Sandal Natural Handmade Soap.

About Fuschia Sandal Natural Handmade Soap:
Purely natural, Handmade glycerine Soaps 100% Vegetarian

Price: Rs.225 for 100 g Available here with 12% discount

Friday, November 14, 2014

Effective Ways to Control Hair Fall this Winter

By Amelia Smith

Winter brings along a host of hair problems with it chilly days. Once the temperature starts to dip, dry scalp and hair loss become a common problem. The weather, combined with other factors such as stress, poor eating habits, unhealthy lifestyles, and lack of hair hygiene lead to several hair problems. Winters only escalate these problems. The lack of moisture in the air and cold temperature leads to problems such as itchy scalp, dandruff, dryness and a lot of hair fall. Knowing how to control hair fall in winter and to be prepared with preventive measures is a good way to jump start this season. 

Read on for some tips to keep your hair healthy.
1. Eating Healthy: Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. Having a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals is vital to keep winter hair problems at bay. A nutritious diet should have lots of fresh fruits, green vegetables, nuts and whole grains. One should avoid all forms of processed food. Sugary and fatty foods should be kept to a minimum. These are some dietary tips to reduce hair loss in winter.

Ethicare Remedies for your Winter Woes

Hi all, hope you are all eagerly waiting for the weekend. Well I am, as finally I am a bit better and although I missed a couple of events this week, will be attending a very exciting one tomorrow. I will share with you later about it with all the details. Meanwhile here is something that came in my mail a few days back and I am so excited about it. I have received a huge box loaded with skin care essentials from Ethicare Remedies. A huge huge thanks to Ethicare Remedies team for being so generous.

About Ethicare Remedies:
Ethicare Remedies is a cosmeceutical company truly dedicated to dermatology and cosmetology. Established in 2003, the company offers wide range of state of the art products and many of them are introduced for the first in India by Ethicare and Ethinext. The company is preciously committed to Innovation, Quality & better health of Human-hope for whatever it does. Majority of their products are having noteworthy credentials for better results & smooth mode of action and efficacy. The product range helps in treatment of major chronic and acute conditions.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bloom Ayur Shampoo Review

I have tried and tested a lot of shampoos but nothing could stop my hairfall. I needed something more effective and preferably devoid of much chemical ingredients. So, when I got the Bloom Ayur Shampoo for testing, I was really excited.

About Bloom Ayur Shampoo:
Bloom Ayur Shampoo is made from High Quality cooking grade Vegetable oils such as Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Gingelly Oil, Castor Oil and Olive Oil infused with a combination of carefully selected herbs like Amla, Aloe Vera, Fenugreek Seeds, Hibiscus, Neem and Curry Leaves. High Grade Potassium Hydroxide is used for Saponification of the Oils. Bloom Ayur Shampoo is completely natural with no added detergents or artificial colours. Only Natural Essential Oils are used for fragrance.

Price: Rs.400 for 200ml Available here

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blog Anniversary & Big Thank you

November is the Blog Anniversary month of Beauty & Beyond. Prior to that I had been testing on something with Google & G+. I am not sure if I had gained something out of the test, but surely my Blog activity & Page Views have dropped drastically. I will write about that later in the post.

First let me thank each one of you for letting me continue with my blog and for whatever little I have gained out of it. I will not name any one of you, as each and every one of you, who view my blog, who come and read my posts, who take their time out and comment, share or like my posts, who take part in the giveaways and contests- you all have been the sole reason for making this blog run. 

Khadi Vanilla & Aloevera Soap Review

A few days back I had written how The Khadi Shop had surprised me with a stack of their handmade soaps. Toady I will be reviewing the Khadi Vanilla & Aloevera Soap.

About Khadi Vanilla & Aloevera Soap:
This sweet vanilla bean and aloe vera extract infusion has been created to balance out your delicate skin by healing and soothing it. Being 100% natural, it is a soap safe for daily use, especially for sensitive skin.

Price: Rs.70 for 125g Available here

Raymond brings the best of Italy to India with the launch of ‘Regio Italia’ fabric collection

~Launches first of its kind premium Italian fabric in the country for discerning customers~
Mumbai, 11thNovember 2014: Raymond - the leading manufacturer, marketer and retailer of worsted suiting fabrics over the last eight decades, today announced the launch of ‘Regio ITALIA’ – a luxurious, elite and finest Italian fabric for its customers. The launch of this premium fabric was kicked off in a grand style at a suburban hotel in the city and Regio Italia by Raymond was unveiled by Sanjay Behl, CEO – Lifestyle Business, Raymond Limited along with Aniruddha Deshmukh, President – Textile & Retail, Raymond Limited and Indian Super Model and Bollywood Actor – DINO MOREA.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blue Heaven Line & Design Sketch Eyeliner Review

Do you lovely ladies remember using sketch pens to draw our favourite cartoon characters when we were young? I sometimes miss those days. Recently, Blue Heaven Cosmetics have been kind enough to send me some of their newly launched makeup items and one of which made me reminisce my childhood memories. I am talking about the Blue Heaven Line & Design Sketch Eyeliner.

About Blue Heaven Line & Design Sketch Eyeliner:
This new-gen advanced eye writer pen delivers high color precision line around your eyes. Its fine felt tip applicator gives exact color which dries quickly and won’t smudge or fade. Its water proof formula stays for longer.

Price: Rs.205 Available at Flipkart, Jabong & Homeshop18

Indi wallet