Wednesday, November 26, 2014

12 Fall-Winter Makeup Trends of 2014

I was thinking of writing this post for a long time now. Although I do not believe much in following current trends and only go for looks that really suit me, I cannot deny that it is our tendency to check out the latest trends and to suit ourselves into it, by picking up the right colours.

Here are some of the latest trends in Makeup that we can sport in our own way(if possible):

1. Colour Flashes: A peek-a boo of bright hue on your makeup can instantly illuminate your daily look, like a blue liner or a touch of green shadow at the corner of the eye etc.

2. Unkempt Brows: Believe it or not this is my favourite style. You might have noticed that I often like to keep my brows just the way they are, without any touches. I feel great about it.

3. Doll Lashes: Funny but those spidery lashes sometimes look quite adorable. I would like to try some day. How about you?

4. Dark Berry Lips: If you do not like dark lipsticks, this trend is not for you. Deepika Pdukone has been seen sporting this trend. May be I will skip.

5. Clean Face: A scrubbed and fresh face flaunting clear skin, is probably the purest form of beauty. Good skin is the key to this look. Celebs with great skin like Katrina Kaif, Halle Berry and Alia Bhatt are often seen bare faced and they just look great.

6. Invisi-Brows: This trend is something which I dont think I will ever be able to sport. Let me know if you dare.

7. Graphic Liner: Again this trend can be sported by beauty enthusiasts who like to play with their eye makeup. I wish I could, probably I would settle for something which is a bit subtle.

8. Ballerina Look: This look is so pretty and cute- a splash of pink or lilac on the eyes and plump glossy pouts. I would love to flaunt this look anytime. It is perfect for teenagers and young adults.

9. Molten Metallics: The 80s are back in the form of metallic shades. You can either add a dash of metallic shimmer on the eyes or glide on a metallic hue on your lips. I would prefer to keep the metal on the eyes only.

10. Glow Getter: This is my absolute favourite look. I personally feel that a radiant and illuminated skin always stands apart. It is time to get the best radiance boosting foundations and highlighters. 

11. Surreal Eyes: this trend gives you so much scope to play around with colours. You can either get inspiration from your favourite fairy tales characters or follow some look your favourite pop star has sported in any of her albums.

12.Smudged Grunge: Another 80s inspired look that actually can turn around your messy eyes into a trend. Smudged kohl, scattered shadow, melting liners can be actually your saviour this time.

Which trend would you love to sport and which are the ones that you will stay away from? 

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