Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blog Anniversary & Big Thank you

November is the Blog Anniversary month of Beauty & Beyond. Prior to that I had been testing on something with Google & G+. I am not sure if I had gained something out of the test, but surely my Blog activity & Page Views have dropped drastically. I will write about that later in the post.

First let me thank each one of you for letting me continue with my blog and for whatever little I have gained out of it. I will not name any one of you, as each and every one of you, who view my blog, who come and read my posts, who take their time out and comment, share or like my posts, who take part in the giveaways and contests- you all have been the sole reason for making this blog run. 

I would also want to thank my team mate Airene for contributing and helping me out on the blog's articles and other activities, in spite of her very busy schedule. 

Now on the testing on Google and G+. I had been facing some issues on G+. Sometimes I am not to reply to the comments made on the posts. Sometimes I am not able to comment on other blogs. Due to this and also to see specially how G+ as a social reach is effective, I have not been very active on replying to the comments on my posts as well as commenting on the incredible blogs of my fellow bloggers. However, still I find so many of my blogger friends visit my blog taking their precious time out. 

Due to this extended inactivity on Google & G+ , I observed a huge difference in my page views for the last month. So I could realize how important it is to be active socially and interact with everyone (my personal experience). I do not want to reveal any facts or figures. It is just my personal observation that I am sharing with you. 

And once again a BIg BIg thanks to all who has shown so much love to Beauty & Beyond.

P.S. My testing period is over and I will again go to the amazing blogs of all of you lovely ladies. Meanwhile can any one of you throw some light on the G+ comments issue?

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