Friday, November 28, 2014

Ethicare Hydrofil Emollient Lotion Review

A few weeks back I have posted about how Ethicare was kind enough to send me some skincare essentials specially for the upcoming cold season. I have started using the products and today I will be reviewing the Ethicare Hydrofil Emollient Lotion.

About Ethicare Hydrofil Emollient Lotion:
A specially developed moisturizing cream and lotion base with excellent spread ability.
With goodness of natural moisturizer aloevera.
Available in both cream and lotion base. 
Available in more flexible sizes.

Price: Rs.132 for 100ml , Rs.399 for 400ml
Available here

Packaging: Ethicare Hydrofil Emollient Lotion comes in a white and red sturdy bottle with a Flip-top cap.

Product: The lotion is quite runny in texture but is really emollient and comes with a bit strong scent.

My Experience: Ethicare Hydrofil Emollient Lotion, as the name suggests is a really superior quality emollient lotion. Although the texture is quite runny, it is very thick in consistency. It takes time to blend and penetrate into the skin. But you require a very small quantity of the product to use on your body if you have oily to normal skin. Even for dry body skin like mine a one time application is enough to keep my skin hydrated for the entire day. The smell is a bit strong and some may dislike it,although it does not stay for a very long time. The negative trait is the packaging. The mouth of the cap is small but the surrounding part is a bit tapered and so when the runny lotion comes out it gets accumulated all around the mouth. This is quite messy.  I wish they improve the packaging a bit.

Ethicare Hydrofil Emollient Lotion is a very rich and really hydrating bod lotion. It is a very good alternative of pricey winter based body lotions specially for dry body skin like mine. Those with oily or normal skin may feel that it is greasier than their expectation. Specially because it takes some time to get absorbed by the skin.

1.Very Hydrating
2.Skin stays hydrated for entire day
3.Best for dry skin
4.Ideal for use in winter
5.Heals dryness and cracked heels
6.Contains Aloe vera
8.Very thick consistency
9.Very affordable

1.Can be too greasy for oily skin
2.Packaging can be improved


Ethicare Hydrofil Emollient Lotion is an excellent lotion for the winters specially for those with dry skin. It does the same job as your so-loved luxurious high-end lotions of keeping the skin hydrated for a really long time, but within a budget. I would strongly recommend this lotion to all.
For more details on Ethicare Remedies check their website

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