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Fran Wilson Moodmatcher 12 Hour Lip Color in Green from De Rene

Hi beauties, how are you all? I am good, rather today my mood is good. Did i ever share with you that I am a very moody person. If I am in the mood for something I will anyhow do it, but if I am not, then no one in the world can compel me to do anything. So, when De Rene was sweet enough to send me to try the Fran Wilson Moodmatcher 12 Hour Lip Color in Green , I was quite excited.

About De Rene:

De Rene is a Online Lifestyle Store where you can get various brands of products starting from jewelleries, accessories and makeup. They come up with exciting discounts and attractive offers time and again. The website is very user friendly and the order is swiftly processed and delivered.

About Fran Wilson Moodmatcher:

Pucker up as DE RENÉ exclusively brings Moodmatcher USA to India for the first time. Remember the now-vintage mood rings of the 70s that changed color based on your mood? Now, imagine your lip color doing just the same thing! Formulated and made in USA, DE RENÉ gets you the novelty cosmetic brand, Fran Wilson Moodmatcher USA. A range of lip shades, glosses and twist-sticks that gives you a one-of-a-kind color with each shade responding differently to your lips according to your body chemistry for a truly ‘personalized’ lip color. Be it a sophisticated cocktail party or a sexy night out, these super-long lasting 12-hour formula won’t wear off even while you drink, eat or kiss!

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher 12 Hour Lip Color:
Each shade changes according to your body chemistry for a truly personalized lip color. Experience the rich, natural moisturizing and super-long-lasting 12-hour powers of this color bomb that just won't wear off, even when eating, drinking or kissing!

* 12-hour staying power
* Moisture rich and revitalizing with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
* Matt based sheen
* Made in USA
* By Fran Wilson Moodmatcher USA

Price: Rs.590 Available at a discounted price only here

Packaging: Fran Wilson Moodmatcher 12 Hour Lip Color in India comes in a luxurious gold black outer packaging of De Rene. The lipstick bullet is secured in a black holder with a transparent cover.

Product: The lipstick is a lovely lightish leaf green in colour 

My Experience: Fran Wilson Moodmatcher 12 Hour Lip Color in Green may look scary  and one may think it can only be used for Halloween makeup looks. However, the idea behind this lipstick is to show the different colours it can come up with, depending on your mood, one you apply it. When I tried to swatch it, it gave a very subtle pinkish sheen on my hand. But later it turned to a matte bright pink, almost in the category of a berry-rich hue. On my lips also it first appeared comparatively light. But as time passed it turned to a very creamy and bright pinkish shade. At the end of the day it had become almost matte and the lipstick stain was quite dark and intense. 

The formula of the lipstick is quite creamy and it is decently hydrating for the lips. Even after it turns almost matte, it does not dry out the lips. Although in the 1st use, I assumed it may require quite a few coats of application for the colour to show, but later I understood it was just an initial phase that the colour on application looks lighter, but keeps on changing, or rather getting more intense on application.The colour of Fran Wilson Moodmatcher 12 Hour Lip Color in Green is long staying and even after having food, it does not fade away. 

1.Quite hydrating
2.Changes colour according to mood
3.Smooth in application
4.Creamy texture 
5.Turns almost matte
6.The colour is long staying
7.Turns to a nice pinkish berry shade with time
8. Does not dry the lips
9. Has aloe vera and Vitamin E
10. Very long staying power.

1.The sheen of the lipstick fades and turns to matte


Fran Wilson Moodmatcher 12 Hour Lip Color in Green is a very interesting and high-performance lipstick. It will be loved by ladies who dare to experiment with their makeup. You can get different hues on your lips, with just one application of a single lipstick. What can be better for a lipstick lover?

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