Monday, November 17, 2014

Fuschia Sandal Natural Handmade Soap Review

Hey beauties, how are you doing? I am doing great. As you all know I love using handmade soaps, and have been named by my friend Natasha as the Official Soap Queen, so living up to my Honorary Title, I will be reviewing the Fuschia Sandal Natural Handmade Soap.

About Fuschia Sandal Natural Handmade Soap:
Purely natural, Handmade glycerine Soaps 100% Vegetarian

Price: Rs.225 for 100 g Available here with 12% discount

Packaging: Fuschia Sandal Natural Handmade Soap comes in a light gold  coloured outer handcrafted paper. The soap is wrapped in a thin plastic film.

Product: The soap is transparent yellowish pink glycerine bar with a very light fragrance.

My Experience: Fuschia Sandal Natural Handmade Soap is a soap enriched with the goodness of sandalwood. Sandalwood is meant for enhancing the complexion as well as to protect skin from heat related skin ailments as prickly heat. I was expecting the invigorating aroma of sandal wood from the soap, however, there is none. There is a light fragrance but nothing like the bit earthy fragrance of sandal wood. The soap lathers moderately like any other glycerin based soap. It cleanses the skin well though. 

Fuschia Sandal Natural Handmade Soap leaves the skin fresh and soft. But it is a bit drying for my dry body skin. I am sure it will be a good buy for the summers. Beauties with dry skin may require immediate hydrating. I would have seriously liked to smell some fresh sandal wood from the bar.

1.Glycerin based
2.Has the goodness of sandal wood
4.Cruelty free
5.Freshens up
6.Looks very pretty
7.Great for gifting options
8.Great for summers

1.No ingredients mentioned
2.Does not have any smell of sandal wood
3.Too drying for dry skin


Fuschia Sandal Natural Handmade Soap is a decent soap that can be a good option in summers for refreshing the skin and relieve the skin from summer time worries. It would be great if they improve the fragrance and make it a bit more hydrating for Dry skin.

*PR Sample

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