Thursday, November 27, 2014

Khadi Rose With Petals Handmade Soap Review

The dry season is back and we often hesitate to use cleansing bars during this time and instead settle for luxurious shower creams. However, there are certain soaps that give equally luxurious shower experience. Today I will be reviewing the Khadi Rose With Petals Handmade Soap.

About Khadi Rose With Petals Handmade Soap:
Enriched with real rose petals and rose water, this soap has a rich and sensual aroma. The soothing and cooling tonic effects of rose will make your shower experience truly sublime.

Price: Rs.70 for 125g Available here

Packaging: Khadi Rose With Petals Handmade Soap comes in a simple plastic wrap packaging.

Product: The soap is a pinkish orange translucent bar with dried rose petals inside. It smells just like rose water.

My Experience: From some time now, I have been really enjoying the smell of rose infused products. I tend to use rose water in my face masks and scrubs. So, when I got Khadi Rose With Petals Handmade Soap, I was quite excited. My first impression was also quite good as the soap looks really pretty and smells very good. It lathers decently and refreshes the skin. I love how nice and invigorating the fragrance is. It stays for a long time. It is decently hydrating and does not dry out skin. However, I would suggest using a moisturizer if you have dry skin. 

Khadi Rose With Petals Handmade Soap  has the goodness of glycerine and rose petals. Rose petals are said to be an essential part of beauty regime in ancient and medieval times. Similarly I experienced a aromatic and invigorating shower by using this soap. It can turn the skin softer, smoother and glowing.

1.Contains essential oil
2.Glycerin based
3.Makes skin soft & smooth
4.Does not leave skin dry
5.Adds glow to the skin
6.Contains Rose Petals
7.Smells great
8.Fragrance stays for a long time
9.Very decently priced

1.May be drying for very dry skin


Khadi Rose With Petals Handmade Soap is a must-have for all as it can surely give the pleasure of a luxurious and aromatic bath experience along with some essential goodness for the skin. I would strongly recommend it to all.

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