Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Khadi Vanilla & Aloevera Soap Review

A few days back I had written how The Khadi Shop had surprised me with a stack of their handmade soaps. Toady I will be reviewing the Khadi Vanilla & Aloevera Soap.

About Khadi Vanilla & Aloevera Soap:
This sweet vanilla bean and aloe vera extract infusion has been created to balance out your delicate skin by healing and soothing it. Being 100% natural, it is a soap safe for daily use, especially for sensitive skin.

Price: Rs.70 for 125g Available here

Packaging: Khadi Vanilla & Aloevera Soap comes in a simple plastic wrapping.

Product: The soap is light cream in colour with a very nice and sweet vanilla fragrance

My Experience: The first thing I love about Khadi Vanilla & Aloevera Soap is the the fragrance. I love sweet gourmet fragrances and this is just exactly what I look for. The soap lathers decently and has a very butttery texture. The skin is cleaned and softened. After rinsing you can feel how smooth it has become. It does not at all make the skin dry. 

The presence of aloe vera makes it suitable to be used on sensitive skin as well. The sweet aroma of vanilla beans stays for a long time. I would suggest using either a fragrance-free moisturizer or one with very mild smell, so that the sweet and aromatic smell of Khadi Vanilla & Aloevera Soap stays for a very long time. The essential oils present in the soap is beneficial for improving skin texture.

1.Contains essential oil
2.Glycerin based
3.Makes skin soft & smooth
4.Does not leave skin dry
5.Suitable for sensitive skin
6.Aloe vera content
7.Smells great
8.Fragrance stays for a long time
9.Great for winters
10.Very decently priced

1.Nothing that I can think of


Khadi Vanilla & Aloevera Soap is one of the best soaps that I have used so far. The sweet fragrance of vanilla beans and the soothing effect of aloe vera extracts along with the hydrating power of essential oils makes it a definite buy for this upcoming dry season.

*PR Sample

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