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All Good Scents Smooth & Tender Eau De Toilettes Review

I often say how much fragrances mean to me. There are times when a particular fragrance can uplift my mood and there are occasions when I require a certain scent and no other alternative will work for me at that time. I am very sensitive towards fragrances. I do not have a particular type of favourite fragrance that I am attached to the most, but being an extremely moody person, it varies from time to time. Today I will be reviewing All Good Scents Smooth and Tender Eau De Toilettes.

About All Good Scents:
Much like musical notes make up a song fragrance notes are necessary to make a perfume. Overall, there are three note scales that when blended together create the perfume's fragrant accord. All Good Scents has based its LOGO on this pertinent allegory of the perfume world- The Perfume Pyramid.


About All Good Scents Smooth: ( For Him)
Suave in his overpowering image of the jet setter, makes him irresistible to any woman. A timeless woody spicy fragrance. Like your moves, it’s simply smooth.

Top Notes Thyme, Bergamot, Lemon
Heart Notes Ozone, Cloves, Nutmeg
Base Notes Balsam Fir, Sandalwood, White Musk

Price: Rs. 750 for 50ml Available here

Packaging: The All Good Scents Smooth Eau De Toilette comes in a grey-brown coloured outer cardboard packaging. The fragrance is secure inside a elongated rectangular glass bottle with a geometrical silver cap. 

Experience: All Good Scents Smooth Eau De Toilette is a Men's fragrance. I like the sleek packaging and the beautiful body of the perfume. The upper citrus scent of the fragrance primarily catches your attention which then strengthens itself to a spicier self which strongly reflects the bitter-strong essence of nutmeg and cloves. Slowly but steadily the scent merges into a more musky base with a tender touch of sandalwood. 

The All Good Scents Smooth Eau De Toilette has a very long staying power. The tender base note of sandalwood and the strong heart note of Cloves stay till the last. It is a typical male fragrance and although I generally use certain fragrances that are meant for the opposite sex, I would rather keep this one for my husband to use. Those of you who are fond of a strong futuristic alchemy of spices and citrus notes may go for this fragrance. The crisp scent transcends a typical strong and free-spirited man with whom you may like to get on a breezy cruise.

About All Good Scents Tender: (For Her)
Sweet as honey & tender as jasmine. Wear it to enhance your sensuality and mirror the tenderness in your heart. For the woman who loves with all her heart, Tender, a perfume that celebrates the splendor of a glowing femininity.

Top Notes White Flowers, Mandarin, Orange Blossoms
Heart Notes Jasmine, Patchouli, Rose
Base Notes Honey, Cedar, Vetiver

Price: Rs.750/- for 50ml Available here

Packaging: All Good Scents Tender Eau De Toilette comes in a white and plum outer cardboard packaging. The fragrance is secure inside a elongated rectangular glass bottle with a geometrical silver cap. 

Experience: All Good Scents Tender Eau De Toilette is a amalgamation of strong fruity, floral & woody aroma. The upper notes of citrus fruits is almost overpowered by the tingling streak of Jasmine while the overall strength lies on the woody honey and cedar combination. It is a very feminine fragrance that reflects affection and warmth. You can actually feel the warmth of a very affectionate woman in your life..may be mother, aunt or elder sister. The lovely flaming colour of the fragrance also brings out an equal warmth.

The staying power of the All Good Scents Tender Eau De Toilette is also quite strong. The very powerful notes of cedar and honey stays for a very long time with a touch of the citrus fruits. This is for the woman who brings warmth, affection and care to your life.

1.Very long staying
2.Both the fragrances are quite powerful and strong
3.Both the fragrances revolve round the woody and spicy elements
4.Perfect for the winter season
5.Sleek packaging
6.Looks classy
7.Decently priced

1.May not be suitable for lovers of mild fragrances


All Good Scents Smooth & Tender Eau De Toilettes are very strong noted fragrances that can be ideal options for Holiday gifts to anyone close to you. The affordability, the strong notes and the sleek packaging makes it a very decent buy.

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