Thursday, December 25, 2014

Aster Luxury Handmade Soaps #WhyHandmadeSoaps Contest Winners Announcement

Hi all, thank you so much for participating in our Aster Luxury Handmade Soaps #WhyHandmadeSoaps Contest. We had so many entries and it was quite difficult to choose the winners. All of you have done a splendid job. However, we had to choose 2 winners.

1. Ayushee Mondal
Popular or over-the-counter soaps may attribute to the outer glow of the skin temporarily,but we often forget the bleaching agent and other harmful chemicals that they are laden with to give that instant glow or fairness. Their intense manufacturing process also harms the environment strongly. However, Handmade soaps, made from essential natural ingredients actually provide direct nourishment from nature. These are eco-friendly and cruelty free. I would always chose a handmade soap over others as by doing so I would not only be assuring a good life for my skin, but also a good life overall.

Ayushee wins a Soap Box from Aster Luxury Handmade Soaps with 4 regular sized soaps.

2. Ekta Vaswani
The benefits of using handmade soap are many: simpler ingredients, fewer chemicals, natural vegetable oils instead of animal fats.Natural soaps are made in a time-honored fashion. It involves a very simple chemical reaction between oils (or fats) and lye (sodium hydroxide for bars). All soap is made with lye, but there is no lye in the finished product. The chemical reaction converts the lye/fat mixture to glycerin. The glycerin is a natural by-product and, as such, the relationship between the soap molecule and the glycerin means you have a cleanser with abundant, luxurious lather that cleans like nothing else. As a bonus, it does not strip your skin of its natural, protective oils. 

Ekta wins a Soap Box from Aster Luxury Handmade Soaps with 6 mini Soaps.

That's not all!! 2 lucky participants get surprise gifts from us for being active & they are 
Bhawna Varshney
Peeyush Vibhandik

Request all winners to send their address and contact number at

Those of you who have participated but did not win, please do not get disheartened as we have 2 more contests running now. And you can be the lucky winners next time. Keep participating and show your love to Beauty & Beyond.

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