Monday, December 15, 2014

Aster Raspberry Luxury Bathing Bar Review

Hello beauties, as a lover of handmade soaps, today I bring you another sweet-scented soap that looks a killer too. I am talking about the Aster Raspberry Luxury Bathing Bar.

About Aster Raspberry Luxury Bathing Bar:
Aster Luxury Raspberry soap bar made from natural ingredients and raspberry essential oils. Raspberry is high in antioxidants which help to maintain elasticity of skin. It slows down the process of aging and improves complexion. Use raspberry soap bar regularly to make your skin smooth and glowing. Since it is 100% vegan and produced from natural ingredients therefore it is perfect for all skin types. No Paraben. No Phthalates. No animal testing.

Price: Rs150 for 125g Available here stack of 3 at Rs.299 only.

Packaging: Aster Raspberry Luxury Bathing Bar comes in a thin transparent plastic wrap packaging

Product: The bar is a translucent coral pink in shade with a very sweet smell, almost similar to the Aster Mixed Fruit Luxury Bathing Bar 

My Experience: Aster Raspberry Luxury Bathing Bar primarily attracts me because of the outstanding translucent coral pink body. I love fruity fragrances and so this soap tickles my olfactory senses with a positive note. As with the other version of the Aster soaps, this is also a glycerin based bar that does not lather too much. But it does give a nice clean feel to the skin. What is most important is it does not leave the skin dry or patchy. The sweet smell would be perfect for a nice summer day.

As I am using this in the dry weathers, I have to hydrate my skin immediately after using the Aster Raspberry Luxury Bathing Bar. However, if you are blessed with relatively normal to oily skin, you may keep that heavenly fragrance as it is without piling on the moisturizer, at least for sometime. And as it has antioxidant properties, it will be great as an anti-ageing agent.This soap is truly luxurious and would be loved by all fruit lovers.

1.Makes skin soft
2.Does not make skin dry
3.Smells fruity
4.Gives a fresh feel
5.Contains coconut oil & Glycerin
6.Good for summers
7.SLS & Paraben free
8.Has antioxidant properties
9.Anti-ageing qualities

1.Packaging can be improved


Aster Raspberry Luxury Bathing Bar is one of the most luxuriously scented soaps I have used. I recommend it highly to all who has a liking for fruity smells and also for those who are looking for a soap with antioxidant qualities.

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