Friday, December 19, 2014

Dear Earth Coqute Anti-Ageing Body & Hair Oil Review

Hello all, you know how much I love to host different contests and giveaways on my blog and other social networking platforms. But did you know that I also love to participate in them. Recently I have
won a giveaway on Bhumika's New Love and I had won a Dear Earth Coqute Anti-Ageing Body & Hair Oil.
About Dear Earth Coqute Anti-Ageing Body & Hair Oil:
Your hammock is strung between magnificent coconut trees swaying gracefully to the sea breeze. Listen to the gushing sound of waves washing the shore as Dear Earth CoQute Oil dips you in its pristine indulgence. Coconut oil sinks in deep, conditions, moisturizes, and softens the skin. It naturally clears away dirt, grime, and dead skin cells. It also has antibacterial properties, killing off harmful skin bacteria. As coconut oil is rich in nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin K, and iron, it is able to stimulate the hair follicles and contribute to the general health of the scalp by fighting dandruff, and combating hair loss. CoQ10 can help preserve the collagen and elastin within the skin cells, thereby helping you stay and appear younger. CoQ10 fiercely fights fine lines & wrinkles and leaves the skin healthier, tighter, and glowing. CoQ10 has been shown to aid in hair growth and repair as it activates specific keratins aligned with the needs of mature hair. It promotes elasticity, increases the vitality and shine, and helps prevent free-radicle induced environmental damage. Dear Earth CoQute body & hair oil nourishes your skin & hair. For skin, it deeply conditions & moisturizes, clears grime and dead skin cells, and helps reverse the ageing process, thereby fighting fine lines & wrinkles. For hair, it fights dandruff, adds radiance and luster while preventing thermal damage and bringing chemically treated hair back to its natural state. It's natural, handmade and vegan and made with cold pressed extra virgin USDA certified organic Coconut oil.
Price: Rs.450 for 150ml Available here

Packaging: Dear Earth Coqute Anti-Ageing Body & Hair Oil comes in a lovely transparent  bottle with a brown flip open cap.
Product: The oil is a nice coloured lightweight non-greasy in nature with a very nice smell.
My Experience: Dear Earth Coqute Anti-Ageing Body & Hair Oil is the first cold pressed coconut oil I have used. I use a cold pressed avocado oil and I am immensely benefited by it, so I was very excited to try this coconut oil. And to my delight it has proved to be one of the best products for my skin. I have not used it on my hair but I am using it to massage my face after scrubbing with natural scrubber. And I can see the difference easily. It really gives an amazing glow to the skin which appears to be from within. A very lovely brightness, ample of hydration and immediate plumped up boost is what I get with the Dear Earth Coqute Anti-Ageing Body & Hair Oil.
With Dear Earth Coqute Anti-Ageing Body & Hair Oil it is a hydration I have never felt before, an intense nourishment that works its way into the cells and brightens the skin from within. I love the light smell of pure coconut oil, which is far different from the strong smell of the coconut oils available in the market. It has multiple benefits like healing dry skin, smoothening the skin's texture and enhancing the glow of the skin. It also works to improve the elasticity of the skin. Dear Earth Coqute Anti-Ageing Body & Hair Oil may not be suitable for extremely oily skin.
1. Hydrates skin
2. Enhances glow
3. Works from within
4. Boosts cell regeneration
5. Evens complexion
6. Improves skin elasticity
7. Said to help in dandruff control
8. Light weight
9.Non-greasy in texture
10. USDA certified virgin coconut oil is used
11. Natural, Handmade and vegan
1. May not be suitable for very oily skin
2. May be expensive for some.
Dear Earth Coqute Anti-Ageing Body & Hair Oil is a superior quality cold pressed coconut oil with multiple benefits like preventing from dryness, acting as a shield for the skin and preventing the ageing process considerably. I would strongly recommend this oil to all and would surely keep on using it from now.

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