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Derma Green Herbal Skin Whitening Cream Review

Do you beautiful girls suffer from blemish and pigmentation problems? Have you tested any product specifically meant for pigmentation? I have used a lot of these and few have worked while few others have left little or no results at all. Today I will be reviewing a cream designed to deal blemish and pigmentation issues- Derma Green Herbal Skin Whitening Cream.

About Derma Green Herbal Skin Whitening Cream:
The powerful ingredients extracted from super herbs penetrate into skin by reducing melanin and regulated the production by making skin even. The local deposits of melanin and spots /marks formed because of acne or pimple or accident also lightens and blends with the skin in just 21 days. By naturally boosting oxygen supply to the skin it helps in blood circulation which helps in achieving a radiant yet glowing skin. And lastly this is the best cream for all pigmented problems of your skin and works wonder with no side effects.

Price: Rs.2500/- for 30g  Available here

Packaging: Derma Green Herbal Skin Whitening Cream comes in a simple maroon coloured plastic jar. It has a white inner plastic disc cover to protect the cream

Product: The cream is light green in colour and smells quite nice, a mix of floral & spicy elements.

My Experience: Derma Green Herbal Skin Whitening Cream, although named a cream actually works as an overnight face mask. I like the smell which is a combination of floral & spicy notes. The consistency of the cream is just like a face pack. As instructed I applied like a pack all over my face and neck and the next morning washed my face with a gentle cleanser. I have been using the cream for almost 25 days now. As mentioned it definitely imparts a beautiful radiance over prolonged use. I can notice an improvement in my complexion. The major point is it actually works on pigmentation positively. I cannot say the pigmentation and blemishes have totally vanished but Derma Green Herbal Skin Whitening Cream has done a good job in lightening them. I am sure if I continue using it for sometime it will show further results. It is said to improve the blood circulation of the skin by boosting oxygen naturally. As said, I have experienced a healthier and brighter complexion with 25 days of use. It works on sun tan but as I do not have this problem right now, I will not be able to tell.

Now what makes Derma Green Herbal Skin Whitening Cream so special is the interesting ingredient list. It contains one of the most effective and expensive skin repair agents and that is the Emu oil. Along with it the anti-aging effect of almond oil and the brightening effect of sandal and aloe helps to give an even complexion with lesser spots and blemishes. I wish the price was a bit lesser though.

1.Brightens complexion
2.Lightens blemishes and spots
3.Works on pigmentation
4.Improves overall complexion
5.Smells great
6.Easy to use
7.No side effects
8.Gets absorbed into the skin
9.Suitable for all skin types

2.Availibility is an issue


Derma Green Herbal Skin Whitening Cream is a very good complexion enhancing agent that brightens skin by lightening spots and pigmentation. Those who suffer from severe pigmentation may invest in this cream for better results. 
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