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Hi everyone! Today I'm going to review the ELLE 18 GLOW FOUNDATION. I usually like experimenting with different types of compacts, lip-glosses, nail-polishes, etc but I've never tried experimenting with a foundation and to be honest I didn't risk using a foundation fearing how it will react with my skin. The very few FOTD I did, you'll se that there is no mention of any foundation. This is the first time I took a chance and bought this product. Well, so let's see how it turned out.

ELLE 18 GLOW FOUNDATION is a medium shaded foundation that will go with fair-average skin tone and I think it will work to an extent for even darker-toned people.

Price: 150/- for 30 g (that's pretty cheap for a foundation). Available here

Packaging: The product comes in a black tube the company's name and logo in front and details on the back. It has pink and white scriptures.

Product: The product is liquid with a thick texture. It is somewhat dry and not waterproof. It has a mild fragrance.

My Experience: ELLE 18 GLOW FOUNDATION provides an even coverage throughout the face and blends easily without leaving any whitish cast. It is not mentioned whether it has a SPF or not. The product is a thick liquid. It has a sweet and mild fragrance. It provides an even-toned complexion. It does not give any artificial, extra glowing skin but provides a natural glow. The negative point is that it is not waterproof and it do not moisturises the skin but leaves a dry one. So, I'll suggest using it with a moisturiser. But you will need a concealer for covering major imperfections. It also leaves some residues and minor patches. Another thing I personally felt that it should be available in more than 1 shade. It remains long if not washed or sweated.


1.      Extremely cheap.
2.      Mild fragrance.
3.      Evens skin tone.
4.      Blends easily.
5.      Gives a natural glow.
6.      Do not leave whitish cast.
7.      Cute packaging.


  1. Non-waterproof.
  2. Somewhat dry
  3. Does not moisturises
  4. Available in only 1 shade
  5. Unable to hide major imperfections.
  6. Leaves minor patches and residue.

Rating: 3.75/5

The ELLE 18 GLOW FOUNDATION is overall a good foundation for its price. It is good for daily use or in just a casual hangout with friends. It does not give any unnatural glow, neither leaves a whitish cast. If used with a moisturiser it will mark up your expectations. This foundation really left a good impression on my mind. So, no fears just try it out!!!!!

By Airene Guha 

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