Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ethicare Ethiglo Creamy Skin Face Wash Review

Hello beauties, hope you had a fun weekend.Also, winter has set in so its fun time. A few weeks back I had received few winter-special skin care products from Ethicare and today I will be reviewing the Ethicare Ethiglo Creamy Skin Face Wash.

About Ethicare Ethiglo Creamy Skin Face Wash:
Ethicare Ethiglo Creamy Skin Face Wash, with its deep cleansing & special actives helps to reduce blemishes and lightens skin tone. You would love to indulge yourself in creamy feel and foam of Ethiglowhile its special formula with mili globules cleanses and work on improving your complexion and skin tone. Regular use will help to achieve the skin complexion most people desire only.

Price: Rs.220 for 70g Available here

Packaging: Ethicare Ethiglo Creamy Skin Face Wash comes in a white outer cardboard packaging, inside which is the white tube with a Flip open cap.

Product: The Face wash is white in colour with very small orange granules. It has a very nice fragrance.

My Experience: The packaging of the Ethicare Ethiglo Creamy Skin Face Wash is very simple yet attractive. I am quite fond of the fragrance too. I was really excited to use it as I could see that the ingredients list consisted of Vitamin C & liquorice. These are very strong antioxidant agents and are great for the overall complexion. I really like the creamy formulation of the face wash and the small microgranules are a powerhouse of antioxidants that work on improving the skin's texture and enhance glow. It foams decently and after rinsing it off, gives a very pleasant and smooth feel to the skin. The skin becomes very soft and supple immediately and does not feel dry at all. It helps in skin whitening, rather it makes the skin glowing and flawless.

The issue with the Ethicare Ethiglo Creamy Skin Face Wash is after using it i get some whiteheads on my face. Generally my skin is not very sensitive and does not react to cosmetics adversely. I was a bit astonished as I liked everything about the face wash. I have used the Ethicare Ethiglo Creamy Skin Face Wash for 20 days continuously and everytime I was facing the same issue. However, when my mother-in-law started using it, she just loved it. There were no problem at all. And she said, she has not seen any face wash that gives such soft and supple skin.

1.Very creamy
2. Foams decently
3. Antioxidant properties
4. Makes skin soft and smooth
5. Imparts glow
6. Improves overall complexion
7. Nice packaging
8. Smells very nice
9. Has exfoliating properties

1.Gives me whiteheads (case specific)


Ethicare Ethiglo Creamy Skin Face Wash worked differently on me and my mother-in-law. While I was quite satisfied with all other aspect other than the whiteheads, my mother-in-law has only good things to say about the face wash. I am not sure why it had given me whiteheads, but I feel it would be much suitable for dry and mature skin types.

*PR Sample

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