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How to get Clear Skin using Home Remedies

A spotless, clear skin is a required general asset for people who work in front of the camera, but for everybody else it isn’t what they require, it’s what they crave! Well, the intensity may vary, but when you look into the mirror and spot say acne, it’d be something you’d wish to get rid of overnight or something you hadn’t wished for in the first place.

The following are some of the home remediesfor pimples. It will help you get rid of oil and dirt, acne, and dark spots and give you a glowing, spot-free enviable skin. 

Clearing up oil and dirt
1.    Steaming: It helps open up skin pores and washes out the oil from within the pores. Adding hot water to a bowl and allowing the steam to pass through it will help in clearing the impurities of the skin and make it soft and supple.
2.    Lemon and cucumber: While washing your face twice a day helps, adding lemon to your facial washes helps immensely in clearing out the dirt and oils from your skin. Citric acid and Vitamin C are the important lemon components that aid in renewing skin cells making skin look beautiful and non-sticky. After treating the skin with lemon, place cucumber slices on your skin. Cucumber is rich in water content which leaves the skin tender and moisturized.
3.    Honey: Honey serves in preventing clogged pores. Plus it keeps the skin hydrated. Do the following two to three times a week to avoid pores from clogging: apply raw honey on the affected skin areas and massage it into the skin; after letting it rest on the skin for a few minutes finally rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Clearing up acne
1.    Tea tree oil: This oil is not only useful in removing acne scars but also helps get rid of blemishes, dark spots and uneven skin tones. For a radiant pimple free skin, apply 100% tea tree oil with a cotton swab directly on the affected area every few hours.
2.    Sugar scrub: Glycolic acid from a sugar scrub helps in reducing acne. Pour 3 tablespoon of oil in a small container and add 2 tablespoon honey to it. Pour in it ½ cup of real sugar and stir it up and use as required. If the consistency is too thin add sugar, and if too thick or dry try adding half a spoon of oil.
3.    Other natural ingredients: Neem, which is a good anti-bacterial and which is useful in acne treatment, could be a made into a paste and applied directly on the affected areas. Other useful ingredients that can be used for reducing acnes are aloe-vera gel and turmeric, both of which are equipped with anti-septic properties. 

Clearing dark spots
1.    Potato slices: We discussed aloe-vera gel, turmeric and lemon above for their capacity in reducing acne and clearing pores. These are also useful in clearing dark spots. The other ingredient which works as effectively in reducing dark spots and skin lightening is potato slices, which can be rubbed directly on the skin. Catecholase in potato is the enzyme that helps in skin clearance and fairness.
2.    Vitamin C: Add foods and drinks rich in Vitamin C to your diet. Vitamin C has collagen that aids in skin reparation leaving skin glowing and beautiful.
3.    Exfoliating skin with a mixture of egg and turmeric also helps remove wrinkles and dark spots from skin and helps in overall lightening of skin.

Food and water
While working on a cosmetic level is effective, you can give your skin a real boost by maintaining a diet that supplements all your skin enhancing efforts. Other than the enriching Vitamin C ingredient, you can make your skin supple and smooth by adding fish oil to your diet. Green leafy vegetables are another good option to include in your diet, as these vegetables help in keeping complexion clear and restrict under-the-eye circles. In water forms, what immensely helps in maintaining a healthy and toxin free body is your plain water. Drink plenty of it! Another good detoxification resource is green tea. Recommended amount is 3 cups per day.

By Amelie Smith

Amelia Smith is nutritionist, herbalist, health and fashion writer. She is a professional in the health, nutrition and diet industry.

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