Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How to look fabulous for a Christmas party!

Want someone to plan your Christmas party outfit for you? Your wish has been granted! Well, almost. This article has got some easy-breezy tips on picking the right outfit for this festive season and talks about everything from Christmas dresses to shoes and coats. There is something for everyone; all you need to do is find something to match your style and comfort quotient for a Christmas party. So, roll up your sleeves and pull up your socks. Let’s talk about some serious tips and know how to dress up for a Christmas party. Are you ready to take notes?

Pick a dress
Pick a glittery and not gaudy dress for your upcoming Christmas party. If sparkle and bling is not your style, go for Christmas dresses for girls in metallic tones. Otherwise, winters are the perfect time to treat yourself to some white outfits. Full skirts, cashmere sweaters, cropped cardigans, midi dresses—there are so many choices when it comes to Christmas dresses for girls.

Once you have zeroed in on a dress, pick a nice jacket or coat to go with it. Black coats look outstanding in the winters, and you can go for an embellished one for Christmas. Even the simplest of dresses will be transformed with a stylish coat. What’s more? Think of your coat as a long-time investment—you are going to be wearing it on multiple occasions all throughout the winters. Buy a coat that is practical as well as fashionable, and you can be sure of making heads turn.

Dresses aside, ever given a thought to a well-tailored suit for a Christmas party? Black blazers, metallic pants—there are so many ways to rock the androgynous chic look this festive season. If you are sick and tired of dresses, this one’s for you! Alternatively, go for a flattering jumpsuit with a high waist to make your legs look longer. Jumpsuits free you of the stress of assembling an outfit. Sheer panels serve as the perfect seasonal look. If black drains you out, go ahead and experiment with colors—this is Christmas, after all!

Makeup Time!
Now that we have covered Christmas dresses, it’s time for makeup. You don’t have to be an expert in makeup and hair to glow at a Christmas party. Follow the usual drill—start with a bright lip color and eyebrow pencil. You need strong brows to draw attention to your face and, of course, a power pout. Use some bronzer to contour and highlight your features, and make sure you blend it well on your cheekbones. Last but not the least, make your eyes pop with a black eye liner and volumizing mascara.

Don’t forget to get your hair trimmed before Christmas. Make the hairline taper a little towards the back or get some layers if you can to avoid the hair from looking full and heavy. For those who like to push the envelope, graduated bobs are in vogue right now!

Add the finishing touch
To add an edge to your Christmas dresses, don some chunky jewellery—we are talking about statement necklaces and stacked-up bangles. However, you can always choose to keep it classy and lady-like with a pearl necklace. Want to push the boat? Go for heavy embellishments—especially fit for evening dinners or Christmas party celebrations at the hotel.

As for earrings, go for long chandelier earrings. However, remember to strike a balance between your earrings and necklace—it shouldn’t look like they are competing against each other, or worse, against your Christmas dresses. Christmas is the time to go classy, so look for earrings with small crystals and rounded stones. Slim earrings work well for round faces, while teardrop chandeliers are best for square faces. Those who have a heart-shaped face can go for either round earrings or teardrop earrings. For those who have an oval face—go ahead and buy any type of earrings you think best complements your outfit as your face shape will pull off anything. Pick crystals studded in metal for a truly classy look.

As for the shoes, remember that you might have to run around quite a lot at a Christmas party, so it is best to test the comfort factor of the shoes you pick. If you are not used to stiletto heels, do not experiment with them on Christmas Eve. Just go with ballet flats or sandals with medium heels.
So, gear up for your Christmas party with these tips and go on a shopping spree with full confidence. Stay away from anything that is borderline gaudy as you do not want to look like a Christmas tree. Play with colors and patterns and embrace your inner fashionista this festive season.

By Amelia Smith
Amelia Smith is nutritionist, herbalist, health and fashion writer. She is a professional in the health, nutrition and diet industry

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