Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Indian Earthy Naturals Earth Green Clay Spa Soap Review

Handmade soaps have been my favourite throughout this year. And in this last day of the year I am going to review another classic, Indian Earthy Naturals Earth Green Clay Spa Soap.

About Indian Earthy Naturals Earth Green Clay Spa Soap:
With a lovely green body and an invigorating scent, this soap is sure going to give a clean bath experience.

Price: Rs.1000 for set of 4 120 g bars Available here for Indian customers & here for International customers

Packaging: The Indian Earthy Naturals Earth Green Clay Spa Soap is wrapped in a thin plastic wrapper outside with the white peach and green handmade paper wrapper as the inside covering.

Product: The soap is a a solid green hand-cut bar with an invigorating earthy smell.

My Experience: Most of the handmade soaps that I have used so far have been either transparent or translucent. Indian Earthy Naturals Earth Green Clay Spa Soap is the first one with such a solid opaque frame. I love the way it is wrapped and presented, a real feast for the eyes. Secondly the fragrance is so pure and earthy that you immediately fall in love. It is one of the prettiest looking  and pure smelling soaps that I have used so far.

The soap lathers decently and gives a very clean and fresh feel to the skin. The inclusion of cedarwood reflects a slight woody aroma which stays back for a while, while the peppermint and sweet orange infusion leaves a very subtle hint of tingling zing, which is non-stable. The best thing with the soap is the soft skin it gives. I was very surprised to see how the Indian Earthy Naturals Earth Green Clay Spa Soap leaves my very dry skin so soft. No matter what soap I have used if I scratch with my nail it gives a white patch, but not with this soap. So this soap can be use by anyone with any skin type. The skin feels baby soft and smooth.

1.Infused with essential oils
2.Organic and 100% Vegan
3.Cruelty free
4.Devoid of artificial scent and colours 
5.Contains shea butter
6.Has therapeutic properties
7.Smells invigorating
8.Looks beautiful
9.Luxurious feel
10.Great as a gifting option
11.Is not drying at all
12.Suitable for all skin types

1.Nothing at all.


Indian Earthy Naturals Earth Green Clay Spa Soap is one of the best handmade soaps that is handcrafted carefully with the best from the Nature's lap. It is a definite buy if you want to get the best of bathing experience and a feel of a luxurious spa.

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