Sunday, December 21, 2014

Khadi Lavender Handmade Soap Review

A few days back The Khadi Shop was kind enough to send me 4 luxurious soaps from their range of heavenly scented bathing bars. Today I will be reviewing the Khadi Lavender Handmade Soap.

About Khadi Lavender Handmade Soap:
Envelop yourself in the luxurious scent of lavender while your skin gets cleansed. Feel comfortable and charged, and totally ready to take on the challenges of the day.

Price: Rs.70 for 125 g Available here

Packaging: Khadi Lavender Handmade Soap comes in a transparent plastic wrap.

Product: The soap is a deep lavender in colour with a lovely floral aroma of lavenders

My Experience: I am very fond of lavender fragrance and I was very excited to use the Khadi Lavender Handmade Soap. First of all the soap looks beautiful with its deep lavender body and smells equally exotic. The soap lathers decently and the smell stays for a very long time. I would like to layer it with a lotion of the same genre of fragrance. The soap does not dry the skin, but it may require hydration for very dry skin like mine.

The best part about the soap is of course the lovely smell of lavender. lavender is said to be a natural mood booster and healer. So actually the invigorating smell relaxes the mind and elevates the mood. The goodness of glycerine, presence of vegetable fats and infusion of essential oils also make it an absolute favourite of mine.

1.Contains essential oil
2.Glycerin based
3.Lathers decently
4.Does not leave skin dry
5.Smells great
6.Fragrance stays for a long time
7.Fragrance relaxes the mind
8.Very affordable

1. May be a bit drying for very dry skin


Khadi Lavender Handmade Soap is a luxuriously scented bathing bar that gives you an amazing bathing experience and a relaxed mind and body. I will strongly recommend it to all, because of its mood boosting qualities and affordable price.

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